Will there ever be the union of Korea and whether it is necessary to the world


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Many, if not everyone, knows the problem of the Korean Peninsula. One people were divided artificially in view of various reasons. I will not tell the causes of the Korean War, but the ending is understandable. Now the Republic of Korea is a dynamically developing country, and the DPRK — as a result, sanctions superimposed on it — lagging behind in its development. And do not recognize it stupid. In addition, its people are essentially zombies and live in information and cultural vacuum. Perhaps it is not bad for her, as the world is experiencing globalization and the left-voliberal turn, which affect not very good. However, one must say one thing that how much can it continue? And yes, the West is to blame for this that does not want to remove sanctions with the DPRK, because this country has long changed after the collapse of the USSR to hold reforms and to open the world, which put the way to its association with the Republic of Korea.

Now, let’s try to judge and answer the question: «Does ever be united Korea and whether it is necessary to the world»? The question is complex. Of course, for the Korean people himself — it is important to unite, there is no point in living in two different states and systems, especially when some live better, and others — bare ends with the ends, «and if possible, simply run south or in China . Although China can return the fugitives back. Well, okay, not about this speech. In general, it is very difficult to imagine that Korea ever to unite. Unlikely. For the USA, this is not profitable on the one hand, as well as for Russia. It is not clear what will happen to the American troops after the union. After all, now they protect the Republic of Korea from the possible aggression of the North. But if the association occurs, then there are no optimism for Russia. After all, there is no guarantee that American troops will be bred. And if the troops remain, then there will be the most gate of Vladivostok. The United States will not be considered a bad tone. Placing his troops in the north of the United Korea. And for China, it will be about what to think about.

If Korea is united, then the rich «sub» will have to pay for the leveling of living standards on the North. Large financial investments will go away. And this is all the money of taxpayers of the Republic of Korea, and in part, North. Perhaps the United States and other countries will not be opposed to the United Korea cash loans for stimulating the economy and investigate them into the development of northern provinces. In addition, for Russia there will be a bad call in the fact that at the borders of Russia there will be an even greater economic player, with a huge population (more than 75 million people), especially under the influence of the United States. But the big question remains how to associate. What will happen to the current regime in North Korea, what will happen to him with the ruling elites of the DPRK?

In addition, it is not clear what will happen to the nuclear potential of the DPRK? Will he be inherited by the United Korea or the Korea disarmament will occur? So think, the world is especially and no need to unite Korea, or rather, the elites that manage in the United States and Europe. The United Korea can become one of the most powerful Asia countries, and then, the US troops there simply will not be needed. It is directly beating by the positions of the United States in Asia. The United States will never agree to this, unless that with preservation, and better with the extension of the US military contingent in the already united Korea. Of course, Korea’s union is most likely someday will occur. But for this you need a consensus between the two Korea, USA, China and Russia. And so, in general, the world need to unite Korea, as the people should live in the world, and not in fear that the war can begin tomorrow, because between the two Korea, still not signed a peace treaty.

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