Will Russia be able to independently finance the creation of the National Space Station


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Literally, the other day it became known that Russia will come out of the ISS project from 2025. The final decision, as explained, will be accepted in 2024. But immediately announced the world and, first of all, the Americans that Russia begins construction in the orbit of the Earth of the Russian National Space Station. In fact, of course, this is a loss and at the same time, a great acquisition for Russia. After all, the ISS was built over the past 20 years. To do this, dozens of launches of Russian missiles and American reusable shuttles.

But you need to understand the foreign policy situation. Many in Russia and abroad can say that Russia and the United States destroys the last sector, where our countries coexist peacefully and work closely. Perhaps this is so. But it is necessary to understand that this is not Russia of the first to start the policy of deterring Russia and the policies of endless sanctions. In essence, we are artificially restrained. Restrain the development of Russia. That’s all. And everyone who says that this nonsense is simply not understood by the essence of geopolitics and everyone cuts the concepts that west us friend and big brother. No, it’s not so and it’s time to understand it for a long time.

Moreover, how much can Russia be constantly a simple recloser on the ISS and even because of this, in order to make their own citizens above it. Well, it’s enough. Yes, and with a scientific module is not so easy. Our partners in orbit with Russians are not particularly divided, since they themselves spend a lot of time. Now appreciate now, what is the role of the «Science» module. This factor is added here that the Crew Dragon ship successfully experienced in the United States, which is so loved, with foam at the mouth, remember our sofa analysts. Although, this ship should still prove its effectiveness that our «Union» has proven over decades of operation.

In general, the sake of justice, let’s say that up to 80% of the Russian segment of the ISS are outdated, their maintenance and replacement are the same money if we started building our own station from scratch. Therefore, it was decided to build a new national orbital station. Perhaps Russia will retain its presence in the ISS project. There is still time until 2024. But the construction of its own station will be accurate. Do not doubt this. Russia needs this station as air.

Actually, the station itself will be built from 2025. The main module will be a scientific and energy module. It was planned for the ISS, but it turned out that it would be the basis of the national station. So, responding to the main question of the article: «Will Russia be able to independently finance the creation of the National Space Station,» I would like to say what can. Because some modules of this station exist or their refinement. These modules include: «Science», a universal module «Pier», a scientific and energy module. In general, it is clear that Russia has money for this, since work on such ambitious projects is in full swing.

It is known that the station will not be inhabited as the ISS. Rather, it will not constantly be the crew. She will be visited. And it is rational in terms of low cost and protection of the crew from radiation. At the station will be used artificial intelligence and robots, which will support the work of the station. It does not even sound bad. In addition, the station will not be simply visited, but the frontier between the Earth and the Lunar station.

The main emphasis of Russia is the moon. Only with the development of this natural satellite of the Earth — you can talk about Mars and Far Cosmos. At the National Space orbital station will be made to build ships and refueling, before sending them to the moon. If someone thinks that it is absurd and idiocy — deeply mistaken, as the Russian lunar program is very thought out and fully painted. This year, for example, starts the first stage on the development of the Moon. The start of the device «Luna-25» will open a new page in the Russian cosmonautics.

Of course, many will begin to say that Russia does not work out, will begin to give examples: «But China», «But the USA», «But the UAE» and so on. So I want to answer: «Well, rejoice for these countries on.» Apparently, such people associate their future with these countries, and Russia simply hate. Loving and self-respecting his homeland — not to look for her only bad parties.

On the contrary, he will actively actively engage in information search and will be asked: «And indeed, Russia is so bad in the space sphere.» And it will find a real answer, and will not broadcast the opinion of incomprehensible sources and the other «sarafined» radio, like this, like: «But there they were told that everything is bad and therefore it is necessary so.»

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.