Why there is still no bridge to Sicily, although there is only 3 km between the island and continental italy


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About the Crimean Bridge over the last five years, so many stories are folded, especially fictional. But only, the bridge is successfully built and works for the benefit of Russia. It was built in a rather short time and for small money. Moreover, the construction used complex technologies, and the base of the bridge is drunk into the sea breed to a depth of a hundred meters. This is good jokes. Everything was not bad if it were not for one. If you look at the Card of prosperous Europe, which is the «center» of the world and culture, you will find that in a very rich in the economic standards of Italy — there is no bridge between its continental part and Sicily Island.

Of course, opinions are divided. Someone will say that we are «cool», and Italians — we are not suitable at the notes. Someone: Start talking stupid things about the Crimean Bridge, trying to level the obvious merits of Russia. But, in fact, for the lack of a bridge in such an important thing for Italy, there are banal problems, a natural nature (if they can be called that). To begin with, still, let’s say about the Mesmaninsky Strait, which shares the continental Italy and the island of Sicily. The strait itself has a different width, from 16 km in the widest, up to 3 km in a narrow place. It is noteworthy that its depth is also different and comes to 200 m. On the middle of 100 meters. But, in a bottleneck, benefit, the depth is only 72 meters. But such things. 3 km, it seems, a funny distance and for the construction of the bridge there are no problems. But no, in addition, it makes it difficult to build a bridge — the presence of a strong sea current in the Messinsky Strait. You understand yourself, the sea current is not a joke and the speed of them reaches 10 km / h, and it is a lot.

Do not forget that Italy seismically active country. There are volcanoes, there may be an earthquakes to happen. So, there is a risk that in the case of cataclysm — the bridge will simply be destroyed by the elements. However, there are many projects for the construction of the bridge here. It has long been the words about the construction of the capital bridge here. Italy’s authorities at different times announced the construction of the bridge, but the work was never started. Also, except above these reasons, a large cause is the price of the bridge itself. The price varied it. Then 30 billion euros, lowered, up to 6.1 billion euros. As a premiere of Silvio Berlusconi, active projects were active in the creation of the bridge, later, they were abolished by a new government who came to power. Called too expensive, although if the bridge would build, it would become one of the longest 33 km long in the world.

If you think about logically, the bridge is really very expensive. It is possible, in general, to limit the same railway and automotive tunnel. In Japan, let’s say there are such. For example, there is a tunnel between Honsu and Hokkaido Islands. And nothing, live somehow without a full-fledged bridge. Looking at the bureaucratic obstacles in the European Union and, in Italy itself, as well as, on how they know how to consider money and save, even on the carriage of goods within Europe itself — it will be possible to say that the bridge between continental Italy and Europe will never be. Limited to the existing ferry. And so, about the tunnel — they can just forget, because they cannot solve, you need a bridge or not, raising this topic only before the elections.

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