Why the war plan against the USSR was originally a clean adventure


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The subject of the Second World War, apparently, will never lose its relevance, especially the Great Patriotic War. And it is correct, since the patriotic education of the younger generation is of great importance. Moreover, at the moment when the West is trying to rewrite the history of the Second World War «Under Himself», excluding the key role of the Soviet Union in the defeat of Germany and its satellites, not counting Italy. Even, the Japanese got pretty. Although the Americans, indeed, unconditionally defeated them in the ocean.

So, this year will be 80 years from the moment of German attack on our country. Many lessons have already been extracted after this time. But still, the West began to forget his historical responsibility to Russia and for millions of victims who suffered our country. When in the 1930s. The Soviet leadership was trying to build a collective security system in Europe, Western countries, such as the United Kingdom and France, and on the contrary, they delayed this plan and tried to send Germany as a ram against Soviet Russia. They were taken to the policy of «Decitation of the aggressor». Germany has been made unilateral concessions: remilitarization of the Rhine Region, Anshalus Austria, Munich Credit and the occupation of the historical territory of the Czech Republic and the establishment of a puppet regime in Slovakia.

All that would be nothing, but at the last moment they — the countries of the West have concluded a pact of nonsense with Germany, and they rejected the USSR plan in August 1939. Only therefore, the leadership of the USSR gave consent to the leadership of Germany to sign the so-called «Molotov-Ribbentrop Covenant», because of which «crying» countries of the West, accusing the USSR in the fact that this document has become a reason for the attack of the Germans to Poland. But isn’t the Great Britain and France, signed with Germany — did not untied the hands of the Germans? And the surrender of the sudan region? Is not it so? Apparently, for the West, this is different, because you always need to blame Russia, whatever it is: Monarchic, Bolshevik or Democratic.

So, in the context of today’s article, I turn on not only Germany, and the countries of the West: Great Britain and France. There is every reason to believe that they deliberately pushed Germany to the East so that she had a common border with the Soviet Union. In addition, the British and American capitalists inserted great funds to strengthen its defense capabilities to Germany. And on the Versailles agreement, they just «scored» when seeing the re-equipment of Germany — closed their eyes. While everything went in their plans — they closed their eyes.

Apparently, Germany was seen as a force that could go on the hike of all Western world, civilization against the Communist Soviet Russia. Here, the Germans led their pedantic. Being calculating people, the German handheld leaders considered that they could resist the Soviet Union. Although, at first, the situation was more favorable for Germany. But in the fall, the German offensive stalled. And the point is far from the weather. German leaders underestimated the possibilities of the USSR.

I will list them briefly for understanding:

In my opinion, these are the main features and specifics of the Soviet Union as a state that underestimated German leaders (and the leaders of the West, who pushed Germany against the USSR in the 1930s), before attacking our country. Perhaps they knew about it and understood, but did not take into account, considering us by the people of the second grade.

But as it turned out, the arrogance was summed up. The Soviet people and the state itself turned out to be so powerful and increasing, that even today, after more than half a century after the past events, the West, which is still afraid of Russia — wants to erase from the memory of the peoples of Europe, especially Eastern Europe, the fact that the USSR and His multinational people were the winners and liberators of Europe and the world from a contagious plague of the 20th century.

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