Why the Russians are now needed to rally around the official power


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This article is essentially off the topic of my channel. Yes, and not in my style, write about politics, since I am apolitical. Nevertheless, I can not write my opinion. And I want to say only that the Russians are now needed to rally around the official power, around Putin and his team. Yes, perhaps, some part of the inhabitants of our country will have a question for me, they say that «I completely went crazy.» I will answer: «No». The fact is that people can simply not understand those things global who are now in the world. Namely, the fact that the ring of aggressive West is closed around Russia. People will say that «Russia does not need them.» But after all, and then they will be wrong. And that’s why. In the history of Russia, the West wanted to conquer our country. But people will say that when it could be and who needs our country. But if you remember, didn’t the aggression in the direction of our country, did not come from the west?

Well, well, and then they will not be convinced. Then, look, I will give you the following example from life. In the 1990s, when the Soviet Union was treacherously collapsed by part of the elite of our country, in the Russian Federation formed in his place — was in the deepest crisis, and the question of the existence of the country «hung in the air». It was then that, the West called us a «friend», precisely then, under the «Shumkov» democratization and capitalization of Russia — the West, in the face of the United States, Darked our country. Russia lost its industry. In the minds of people came despondency and the question: «And we just wanted this?». Miracle that we have saved, at least rocket and nuclear potential. Well, convinced you? Unless then, the West «loved» Russia, respect her? Yes, he never respected her and did not love her. West, and here I mean, their elites — sleep and wait for the collapse of Russia. And it is stupid to deny it.

What is happening in Russia is now an informational attack, an undeclared information war in our country. And you need to be blind to not understand. Russians Western propaganda wants to inhibit the fact that our power is bad that it needs to be changed that if it is changed for a good, which will like the West, then Russia will immediately become a free country. But the question arises. And what do we need to free yourself? What is so in our country? Is the current power of something to us? Or do I not understand something? In general, from the category of conspiracy. And I want to say for sure that the majority of Russians just want to live further, they want to grow their children further, want their country to further develop, roads, new schools and just found the country and further.

And then again, there will be remarks. Some people will say that in Russia nothing is built, that everything is collapsed and so on in this spirit. Perhaps yes, somewhere in the outback of our country, the modernization has not yet reached, which is currently happening in the country. It is necessary to understand the following that there has always existed such specifics that contemporaries do not see the changes that occur in the country. The most important thing people are provided with work, people work at factories, factories in the field of education and other areas. Even, in the full Soviet Union were opponents, as the «regime» says. Take the same US or European countries, there are also the same people who do not like anything. And, I will say that in Russia Western propaganda promotes such to use such moods in society for the country’s swing. It is necessary to decline forever and remember that the West — I don’t need strong Russia, she does not need just Russia as a country on the world map. That’s all.

And in conclusion, I will say that the war is announced by our country, the West intends to silent the country so that it breaks down. You need to call things with your own names. They want to drive our country to a dead end so that she self-suicide is not without the help of the West. Therefore, it is now, I will not be afraid of this word, you need to defend our legitimate authorities and President V.V. Putin. What I have here in mind. It is just necessary to read more information about the changes that occur in Russia, about those positive trends and events that are many in our country. Also, you do not need to believe in the unfounded accusations of any pseudo investigators. It is better to ask, for what and whose money, they remove such films that are misleading, including conscientious Russians. I am confident that justice on the side of Russia.

And in general, people who still remember the 1990s. It should be understood that with the arrival of Putin to power in the country a lot has changed for the better. In fact, the role of this person in the history of Russia is a fateful. Thanks to his competent actions, not only Russia was preserved, but the country itself firmly stood on his feet and develops forward. In Russia, plants work, new, the Navy and the Army and the army are fully updated — the basis of the well-being and the world of Russia. I have many acquaintances in Russia who work at the factories and receive a decent salary. In general, understanding this, the collective West — decided to start pressure on Russia, and began very cynically. First, they introduced sanctions, after the legal accession of the Crimea, having made a coup in fraternal Ukraine before this impulse. It was understood that the sanctions strengthened the Russian industry and she switched to self-sufficiency rails — they decided to make a revolution. So, the scenario of the revolution is carried out now. Trying to shake the country. Therefore, do not give in to provocations. All this against us, against our country.

From myself I will add that if such a scenario of the West will be able to fulfill in Russia, they will no longer let us get together again. We will not have more chance for the revival of Russia. The first revival of Russia was represented by the Soviet Union, when the Bolsheviks saved our country. And for this, they are real historical thanks from Russia. The second revival of Russia is happening now, with the arrival of Putin. This is a real patriot of his country whose role is undervalued by contemporaries. Therefore, it is simply no need to succumb to provocations and replenish new relevant information about Russia. Of course, there are problems in the country, but this is not a reason to take and handle everything that has been done in recent years. Enough for our country shocks and adversity, we were enough of 1917 and 1991. And it needs to be understood.

Well, by the late, I advise you, several resources that will help you find out what exactly in Russia changes, which is created, and that the country does not stand still. In the article, I did not write a lot about the industry and all the innovations in Russia. Who needs it, will find information on the Internet, and it just looks around and everything will see himself. And below, useful resources that will open their eyes.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.

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