Why the former republics of the USSR must return back to Russia


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The Soviet Union is a state that existed for most of the territory of the Russian Empire from 1922 to 1991. This is our story and we cannot and, moreover, should not, abandon it [from history]. Of course, a lot was during the reign on the territory of Russia of the Bolsheviks party. Here, I mean, in the territory of historical Russia. Yes, yes, you did not hear, the territory of historical Russia, in no case is not limited to the territory of modern Russia. This includes all the Union republics, no matter how they wanted it and «fought.» And the funny thing, whatever elite there is to date, anyway, in the future, all these countries independent now will return to Russia. Return either to Russia itself, or will be entered into a new allied education, which will be initiated by Russia. Now, I will try to explain why it is and why, it will happen in any case.

Now, I will try to explain why, without exception, the former Soviet republics will be returned to the Big Russia. The whole thing, in the rod of a large Russian civilization. Civilization from a good point of view. And here are not only Russians, who will simulate necessarily, are the state of Russia, its rod and the foundation. It also includes all the peoples of Russia, who, together with the Russians and under their leadership, created Russia, which it is, a multinational, wise, tolerant to peoples and with such a principle, as «not bother». The main thing is not Russian, as a nationality, but Russian — in spirit, according to principles and on mentality. The fact is that there are indigenous changes in the world that are invisible to contemporaries of these changes. Let’s say, so that it changes, first of all, Europe itself, she went into a dead end with his multiculturalism politics and all sorts of concessions in the rights of all sorts of minorities that everything began to reach marzness. And if during the time they do not stop, that is, the risk that they themselves will lace a miner. «Why europe?» — You ask, and because Europe has been an example, the center of the world, the center of traditional values, the center of imitation and the equalization to it. And now, Europeans in their own hands, blur it, deprive themselves such a role. But this question, I would like to disassemble more in another article.

In Russia, such problems can not be in principle. And the thing is in the mentality itself of the Russian man. The fact is that the Russian people were able to build their empire in such a way that the elites and the nations themselves, even conquered by the power of peoples, and even more so, who joined Russia voluntarily were included in the Russian system. There were no such as the western form of colonialism, when they had the owner of the «Because of the Sea», who owned everything in the conquered country and no one had the right to ask a question: «Why?». Local elites were exhibited in the role of vassals from which everything you could have gone out. Russia simply joined and made all part of Russia, everyone became equal inhabitants of Russia and the citizens of the Russian crown. Of course, in the Russian state, they tried to dig out from the regions, but with local peoples, they were considered, they were considered as such people, not the second variety, but the same equal with which they need to talk. Yes, they have been taxed, but he was not big. Did not try to change their way of life. Yes, baptized, but there were advantages in this. Many nations received their writing on Cyrillic, began to appear their intelligentsia, which was part of the Russian elite and no one was «poke» that they were different, everyone was part of the Big Russia.

And now, take the Soviet period. In those days, and at all, most of the funds, huge amounts were invested in Soviet republics, then in Central Asia, then in the Transcaucasia, but most of all, invested in Ukraine and the Baltic States. Russia itself or as it was then called, RSFSR, literally, krochi got. After that, even in the Soviet years, they were surprised that in the outback of Ukraine or Central Asia in stores on the shelves there is an abundance of products and things, and in the outback of Russia, there is no such abundance. By the way, I personally know such people. In this, there was a mistake of Russia and the Russian people himself, that in order to keep the Union republics as part of the Soviet Union, huge subsidies were poured into them, because most of the budget of the Soviet Union received from the RSFSR and the same Ukraine. These were the donors of the entire USSR.

In general, I will say that I agree with the position of President of the Russian Federation Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich. I will not make sure that the general promise of his words will say. More specifically, the president pointed out that we were not necessary for us to ask for the former Union of the USSR to the new Union with Russia. But he pointed out that we should change ourselves, to become an example for them, which would eventually move them to move them towards Russia to integrate. Here V.V. Putin is completely right. And oddly enough, it is now and goes in Russia. The country changes qualitatively, changes in the root, for the better. In fact, Russia has become the only center in the world, which openly criticizes the world’s unjust distribution system of world wealth. When everything is concentrated in the hands of Western elites and TNK, which are all a little and they would like to take off to their hands, it is desirable, all, even Russia with its indiscrect wealth. Especially, we will not forget that it is one of Russia directly declares the world that will fully defend traditional values. And this is at the moment when the world is trying to conquer unconventional infection. But, this is not only in Europe or the United States, it is in Asian countries.

So the conclusion. Large integration processes in the territory of large historical Russia will flow, at least in the 2030-2040s, when in the CIS countries will grow a new generation, which seeing the success of Russia, it is within Russia itself, when she invested all its funds to change Russia inside And in the international arena — will plunge into Russia. China do not need them, his economic scale is so huge that he just crushes them. Europe will remain one on one with its own problem, as the United States goes from world car, leaving the sum from the left-liberal total dictate. It is, therefore, integration only with Russia will give them to the former republics of the USSR — the possibility of further competitive development. Even the Baltic countries, to preserve their states, will be forced to get out of the European Union and ask, back to Russia.

The fate of Ukraine is incomprehensible. But, most likely, in view of the fact that the new pro-Western government laid the policies of anti-Russian in Ukraine — this country will fall apart and parts will be part of Russia directly. Kazakhstan, who has already owed a lot of money to China, for the sake of preserving his state from economic acquisitions and know the fate of the Uygur people in China — will be forced to integrate with Russia, or enter her close allied relationships. And so with all the republics of Central Asia. Exception, Turkmenistan. It is not clear to his fate. Most likely, after falling there is an antichelovic regime, it will not have a choice, as close integration with Russia, since it is trite, there will be no other experience. Belarus will enter into Russia after the departure of Lukashenko. Either, he will go away and the new leadership will hold a referendum, or, in view of the pressure on Belarus, the people of this country will not be selected, except for integration into Russia in order not to repeat the fate of today’s Ukraine.

Well, that’s all I do not call for anything, but still, time will put everything in our place. The natural historical process goes precisely to this, we want it or not.

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