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About Russian cosmos now there are so many rumors and baakeks, which is already at first glance, and you will not figure out where the truth, and where is a lie. But, if you go into details, it becomes clear all the steps taken by Russia. Is it sad that in 2020 Russia put an anti-record on launching into space, but also not everything is definitely. Not one number of launches are considered to be successful in space, namely, it is necessary to look at high-quality success, and they have the last year in Russia, they were definitely and work only began. Therefore, we are waiting for further success of Russia in the development of outer space. And, in general, the very style of the development of Russia of space in the last decade is distinguished by the fact that everything happens gradually, thoughtlessly. Russia invests money in the development of areas in space, which other countries do not think. This is a high-quality improvement in missiles, the development of the technology of returning steps in a new scheme, the development of the lunar program, the construction of a cosmodrome. Critics will always be enough. And their difference is that they criticize Russia as a victory, and for failures, so everything is clear with them. We work on.

By March 1998, this project began its work. A basic port was built in the United States, namely in Long Beach in California. In addition, built a mobile starting platform called «Odyssey» and an assembly commander «Sea Launch Commander». The first launch from the platform took place in March 1999. Then launched the Zenit carrier rocket. In general, by the very end of the project of the project until 2014, more than 30 successful starts were made in the total payload more than 150 tons from the lungs to heavy devices. After well-known events in Ukraine in 2014, the project was stopped.

Subsequently, the complex was sold by the Russian «S7 Airspace Corporation» approximately 150 million dollars. Namely, her subsidiary «S7 Space». «S7 Space» is the first private company in Russia, which provides a full cycle of services for the launch of spacecraft. The company owns the Sea Start Rocket and Space Complex. The company is part of the Holding «S7 Airspace Corporation» and is essentially our challenge of the company «Spacex».

Finally, on March 30, 2020, the company «S7 Space» managed to deliver the complex to Russia: the «Odyssey» start platform, the SEA Launch Commander’s assembly commander arrived in Russia earlier. The entire complex has successfully arrived on the port of Port Slavyanka in Primorye at 80 km south of Vladivostok. After, the ship led to the Slavic ship repair plant. Now there is slow modernization with variable success. In the media goes to different information: «it was frozen», then «sawed gathered», and the company itself does not particularly extend the information, saying that «now not before that.» However, the state viewed support and interest. The fact is that in the last 20 years, we are accustomed to see in Russia the following: the authorities say one thing, for example, that some kind of project seems to be implemented, and it seems no, and at the chapter put ineffective managers. As a result, it turns out that Russia has one of the best modernized armies with them, the electronic industry, aviation and others are gaining momentum. So here it is clear that with the development of this project under the auspices of the state — in the conditions of sanctions and powerful information war against Russia — our authorities and companies simply decided not to disseminate their plans and the work already done on the whole «White Light as Baba Market», Arriving out of everything showing. And correctly do, on male, with cold exposure.

Of course, both the company itself and the state will have the first years to invest in the project gigantic amounts of money, but this is worth it. I will explain why. The fact is that of course, while it is too early to talk about competition with American Spacex, but this company began at its time and not without the help of the American state exists now. But Russia has a tremendous opportunity to grow their first private space company in Russia, which can compete in the international market. But here it is impossible without state support. As I said above, Spacex also receives state support. And in China, so in general, state investment overwhelming. Having supported the private initiative, Russia will, among other things, create new projects in the space sector, such as, for example, reusable stages of carrier missiles.

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