Why is it now more important to mastering the near space and what the right steps in this makes Russia


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About the stagnation of Russian cosmonautics heard for a long time. Basically, these arguments are based on some conclusions, which can be criticized with due attention. Let’s say examples of the fact that our country is lagging behind other countries by the number of space launches. Rather, we are behind the US and China. But is it all evaluated quantitatively? No, quality is our main indicator. Then, we are given examples of the fact that China has crossed us in the space sphere so that we will never catch it up.

Although this is nonsense. China repeats an even account that we have already done half a century ago, therefore this is not an example for indiscrimination. We built space stations and build, ships and satellites launched and launching, the moon was studied by the same lunas. Exception, except for, the Mission of the Chinese Rover on Mars, which bears practical benefits? Under a big question.

The same Americans, launched not alone and not two marshodes, but they did not find any life — life there they did not find. But, we give us the successes of Spacex, although their achievements are in question. Let’s say, reusable missiles have not yet justified themselves, and the StarShip mission and the promise of Mars’s development with liquid rockets — forcing us only to laugh. It is necessary to look soberly on things and understand that Mars we will never master on rockets with liquid engines. Therefore, Russia has its answer to this account, but we will tell another time.

For today, I would like to say that while the United States and China are fighting for the economy of the launch of missiles by creating returned steps, Russia has its own response to real and real challenges of modern cosmonautics. And such challenges are not foggy prospects for mastering and manned flights on the red planet. It’s time, for some time to forget about the manned flights to Mars and switch to more landed goals. No, no one says that you do not need to send automatic stations and risters. Would, most importantly, practical meaning. Moreover, we are not reproached by anything, Russia is directly involved in the EXOMARS 2022 mission.

Under such purposes are meant, the development of our neighboring spaces: the low near-earth orbit and the natural satellite of the Earth is the moon. This is yes, the tasks number one. And not that the illusory dreams of Spacex on flights to Mars, the beginning of the terraforming and, even flight to Saturn’s companion — Titan. To begin with, it is better to create an engine on other physical principles so that you can move in space at more decent speeds. Well, the human body will not stand the human body in outer space, lasting in many months and years. There can be no such time, science and technology have not yet developed to this level.

So, the tasks of Roskosmos, as if, very realistic and for this, everything is being done: the creation of the «Eagle» ship is in full swing, the Angara rockets, it was decided to create a domestic space station «Ross», others solve Real problems for creating an engine for interplanetary flights. We emphasize real. Spacex, of course, well done, but what is the practical significance of their ship «StarShip», if it is not sent to Mars, and the ISS is already looking for recent years. We also have everything happens without excess pathos and a pian. This behavior of Roscosmos is regarded as «draining» of our cosmonautics. But those who think so are very mistaken.

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