Why is China — the leader in the production of cars and do they have decent cars to buy


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We all accustomed to the fact that the car has become more vehicle for us than the means of luxury. Without your own car, a person becomes the same as he would be without a mobile phone. Cars themselves are divided into classes and depending on the financial condition and needs — a person buys a car. In addition, he can choose a car both new and from the secondary market. It all depends, as I said, from the size of his wallet and wishes.

Today, I would like to explain some moments who worry some people, but apparently, they poorly understand this topic. More specifically, if you take the world auto industry and relevant data, China was the leader in 2020. This country produced in 2020 — 25.1 million cars. In total in the world for 2020, 76.2 million cars were produced. Of course, compared with 2019 (almost 91 million cars) — it is much smaller.

Well, okay, the essence is not in this. Why is China, which produces every year to 25-30% of all cars of the whole world — did not blame the world with his cars? After all, in fact, his cars should be driving around the world, how the American, German, Japanese and Korean cars are struggling. But this does not happen, although China holds this bar for more than 10 years. In the first troika decades are US (11 million units in 2019), Japan (9.5 million units in 2019) and Germany (5 million units in 2019). Their cars, we most often see the city and rural streets around the world.

The thing is what. Since the 1990s. In China, there was a very rapid growth of the economy. China’s GDP grew up with an annual rate of more than 7%, reached 12-14%. This is a lot. In addition, it is necessary to understand that a stormy urbanization is very turbulent in the economy: millions of Chinese from countryside rushed to South and East of China, where production and business activity are concentrated. In addition, urbanization gives an impetus for the growth of the number of roads, along which China has grown in the top three leaders, and along the length of the motorways — on the first.

Increasing the standard of living of the Chinese, as you understand, caused an explosive growth in the number of cars in ordinary residents of China. And here it becomes clear, why China produces so many cars. Because there is a rapid growth of the internal market of China. Of course, foreign brands and their plants are also presented within China. But nevertheless, its own — Chinese car industry in China leads. And the overall export of Chinese cars from China abroad reaches more than 1 million units per year (these are passenger and commercial vehicles). Of course, this includes both Chinese brands and foreign, which are assembled at their factories located in China.

Well, for general information, I would like to offer you to look at Chinese cars and their rates that are presented on the AUTO service. In general, I will say that I myself came across Chinese cars Chery Arrizo 7 and Lifan X70. Both are about the mid-2010. Machines are not bad. I think that you have your money. One of the cars was with the manual transmission, and the second one with the variator. Something like this. Familiar who owners of these cars say they are satisfied with their purchase and invest in these cars are still still not more than in another similar car, but twist a brand, more recognizable.

To the question why they decided to buy a Chinese car — they said that other cars with a similar external and internal design, at a cost of magnitude higher. And what happened here such an opportunity: «and cheaper and more beautiful» — as they say. By comfort within these cars during a ride — I did not notice a tangible difference with other foreign cars. Interior decoration and plastic are nothing, at first glance, do not differ from other contemporary foreign and Russian cars. Well, plastic, there is plastic, in principle no difference. I want to say that there will be time and Chinese cars will not be anything there, but just a car, such as the current Korean cars to which we are all accustomed.

For example, the advantages of Chery Arrizo 7 2014 say the following:

Of course, they are also talking about the advantages of Lifan X70 I 2018:

In essence, the overwhelming part (more than 20 million units) produced in China cars — remain within this country and are sold there. All this spots the growth of roads in China. And the huge number of China’s population — 1 billion 442 million people (2021) suggests that this plank in the production of cars of this country — will not fall below this threshold, in principle. In addition, in China there are all sorts of subsidies, quotas and benefits when buying our Chinese cars by the Chinese. Single support for the domestic car industry in Chinese. Well, what, the measure is effective. In general, Chinese cars can be bought for an experiment, «look around», so to speak. I think I was able to answer questions posed in the subject.

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