Why did the Tu-204 be able to become a competitor of MS-21?


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Recent years have become for the Russian aviation industry. In general, growth is noted, or rather, the revival of the Russian aircraft. This is understandable not only by the latest developments, but also on the provision of the industry, in general. New production facilities are being built in Russia, which will be downloaded in the coming years with new orders. This means that new jobs are created and our people working in this area will be provided with work and will be able to feed their families and raise children.

The creation of the newest Russian middle-power plane MS-21 has become so unexpected that even American sanctions could not leave the development of the aircraft. Russian engineers and scientists managed to develop domestic analogues to those components that were in the sanctions list. MS-21 really, one of the best aircraft in your class. It is also clear, it uses newer technologies, layout, avionics, and the fuselage and wings are made in a thoughtful form that provide the best aerodynamic properties.

And if the Russian MS-21 has competitors in the international market, such as Boeing 737 Max, Airbus 320 Neo and Chinese COMAC C919, then there is no competitors on the domestic Russian market. Or is there? It turned out that there is. Such an aircraft is the brainchild of CB «Tupolev» — the passenger medium-hydraulic aircraft Tu-204, which was created more than 25 years ago. The plane is really good, tested by time, showed its reliability, although, like all the aircraft had various abnormal situations. Nevertheless, he received international recognition.

MS-21 is so far a promising passenger aircraft with a huge future. Today we will tell you about why the choice fell on the creation of «practically from scratch» MS-21, and not to improve the already existing Tu-204, from which an excellent competitor would be to European and American «classmates.» There were many reasons for this. The most important thing is that the MS-21 uses a huge number of new technical solutions from such areas as aerodynamics and engine construction. Moreover, this aircraft is more comfortable and safe than its competitors, both already existing and those that at the stage of creating or upgrading.

In addition, a large number of composite materials are used in the aircraft. All this reduced the total weight of the aircraft, which means its maneuverability and aerodynamic properties increased. By the way, the smaller weight of the aircraft leads to a lower cost of fuel, and therefore reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere and noise. Reduces fuel consumption and emissions to the atmosphere of its newest advanced domestic PD-14 Aviation Engine, thanks to which the cruising speed has increased. Another advantage of the aircraft is that it has the widest fuselage in his class, which provides him with a large passenger capacity. Various modifications of this aircraft allow you to take on board from 130 to 256 passengers.

Due to the fact that MS-21 has a wide fuselage, it is more comfortable to fly. This allows you to make a wider passage for passengers in which two passengers can go at once. The plane provides wider chairs to make passengers feel more comfortable. The portholes in the plane are large, thanks to which the natural light of the passenger compartment has increased. There is a climate control system. Well, the most important thing, the plane is reliable and meets all international standards, as it is equipped with the most modern systems for the timely detection of failures.

These and other characteristics have become decisive in order for the MS-21 project for approval and state support. Agree that it is easier to develop the newest aircraft that meets modern challenges and standards than simply upgrading the obsolete moral plane, staining with modern technologies. If everything goes according to plan, then in the near future, we will see a huge number of domestic MS-21 aircraft both at domestic and international airlines. However, Tu-204 is not a bad aircraft, but it is decided that the future is left for MS-21, although the Tupolev machine could show more.

Well, at the end, let’s say the following from yourself. If our state would simply be simply upgraded by Tu-204 and put it on the «stream», then there would be no detractors and competitors that there were no worthy aircraft designers in Russia and enjoy only the remaining Soviet developments. Of course, MS-21 can also be attributed to Soviet developments, but very, very carefully, since the main part of the design and engineering solutions were already made in modern Russia in 2000-2010.

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