Why Airbus A320NEO aircraft could conquer the world


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The air of aviation is so interesting and limitless theme that it is not possible to write about it in principle. It is worth noting that about aviation you can write a lot. And today, we will get closer to the Airbus A320NEO aircraft and in short, let’s try to find out why this aircraft has become such popular and could conquer the world. More specifically, this model of the aircraft is included in the whole family of narrow-body aircraft Airbus A320. This family of aircraft is produced by the European Consortium «Airbus S.A.S» from 1986 to the present and includes several models.

For more than the 30-year history of this family of aircraft. More than 10 thousand units were released. The Airbus A320NEO model has become published since 2014 and is available to the present. Total, over 7 years, more than 1600 units of this model have been released. Naturally, this is a very large number for a completely new car. Throw away the moment that the plane sold well and due to the fact that in general, the A320 line itself was already very popular in the world. Make an emphasis to clarify how new Airbus A320NEO was able to become the most massive of modern aircraft in the world airlines in its class.

In general, this plane is not particularly different from previous A320 models. But, if you look at, it is noticeable that the engines on this aircraft in the new model are set much more than the size. These are completely new PRATT & WHITNEY PUREER POWER PW1100G-JM engines. These engines themselves provide a new aircraft more reduced fuel consumption — by as much as 15%, in addition, a much greater flight range than that of the previous generation. Also, new engines are much more powerful and more economical, but at the same time, they are low noise, which makes the plane in the most quiet among Odnoklassniki.

If you do not consider the latest Russian MS-21 aircraft, which currently surpasses all his classmates, then the Airbus A320NEO has yet the widest salon. Why «So far,» because our MS-21 has not yet launched into mass production, so the championship for Airbus A320NEO. In addition, the European aircraft, so far, the largest and spacious luggage shelves inside the aircraft cabin. An even greater advantage of the aircraft is that its cabin has a more perfect and modern air conditioning system during the flight. In fact, the air in the plane is always fresh throughout its salon, because it is replaced by the new system every 2 minutes.

But the most distinctive side of the Airbus A320NEO is the presence of «Sharclets». These are special finishes on the wings that are called Sharklets. They are manufactured from composite materials. Thanks to «Sharcles», the aircraft improves its aerodynamic characteristics, which reduces the operating costs of the machine itself. It is clear that if the aircraft improves aerodynamic properties, it leads to the fact that the fuel consumption is reduced, which means the general attractiveness of the aircraft for potential buyers.

Today you have learned some, perhaps unknown for you the quality of the Airbus A320NEO aircraft, which allowed him to conquer world aviation companies and keep confidently this position.

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