Why after the collapse of the USSR did not remove the ruby stars from the towers of the Moscow Kremlin


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For all the Moscow Kremlin is accustomed to both in the photographs and with his personal visiting. Not everyone knows that at one time, the Moscow Kremlin from the Red Brick was painted white. But that is not all. Until the 1930s, a China-urban wall existed, which first was pretended at first, invested considerable funds. Restoration work just ended in 1932. But then, in the same year, officials decided that it basically did not make sense and after two years they began to disassemble. As a result, now it is not, there remained a couple of sites. Anyway. But that until 1935 on the towers of the Moscow Kremlin remained two-headed Eagles of the royal time — not everyone knows. They decided to end in 1931 with them, but dismantling began in 1935. Officially, the two-headed eagles were sent to the smelter, but there are separate information that they were left on storage in the cellars of the Kremlin. Well, maybe, so to speak. Who knows him, perhaps in the future we learn the truth about the participation of these two-headed eagles.

But our topic is not about double-headed eagles. Of course, at present, there may be an eagle formulation would be relevant, but nevertheless, the ruby stars look much more beautiful. Who seen them in reality — I will understand what I mean. It is possible now about the ruby stars a whole paragraph from history to modernity, but why. We have a completely different question. And he sounds as follows:

When the collapse of the Soviet Union occurred, the political forces that came to power — were not those who struggled with history and monuments. The opposite example is currently Ukraine and Poland. They have a strange war with the monuments of the past, for some reason they scare monuments. So, in Russia in 1991, the new government fought more for the change in the economic and public basis in the state. The fight against monuments was not declared. Well, is it that the monument to Dzerzhinsky demolished.

There is no point in changing the stars on the same double-headed eagles. After all, ruby stars are not just some stars. These are very complex engineering products. Moreover, the stars are very concisely embedded in the ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin. You can read about it on the Internet, the information is very much in free access.

Ruby stars are our story. Under these stars, our country has reached a lot. Of course, the coat of arms of Russia — a double-headed eagle, but the star does not contradict anything. In the same Tsarist Russia, the stars were used in the army. In general, the story must be respected and stored, and not vice versa. So, even here to complain about the opponents of our Ruby stars to nothing.

The overwhelming majority of people in Russia have no hatred both to the Soviet symbols and to the royal. Therefore, it makes no sense to change something. And by the way, it is not necessary to forget that the entire ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin is protected by the Russian state himself. Plus, besides, this is a World Heritage Site and is protected from the UN.

Well, it seems to me that I was able to answer the questioned question.

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