Why a 1941 parade in Moscow did not stop Germany from the plans for the attack on the Soviet Union


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In the next anniversary of the victory of our country over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War — I would like to write a small material. 76 years ago, the Soviet Union unconditionally defeated the united Europe led by Germany. But how else to call it? Germany fell under itself the whole of Europe, except the United Kingdom, who fought with brown plague with us. Whatever today is Russia’s relations with the United Kingdom and the United States, however, these countries fought with united Europe with us, without bowing their heads like our country — the Soviet Union.

In addition to all this, this year the anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War is coming — 80 years. So, we recall that shortly before the German attack on our country, on May 1, 1941, in Moscow, a parade was held in honor of the first. But it was not just a parade, but a military parade. It featured the newest military equipment of the Red Army. As it turned out, presented not all and correctly made. After all, understanding that the potential enemy can soon be attacked — you will not tell him all the «cards». By the way, there were many foreign guests, military attache, diplomats, including Germany and countries of the Allies.

The German side was just waiting for the Soviet Union to show all his power, all his new technique. Yes, and, in principle, the Germans did not believe that this newest technique is in all troops in the Red Army, and so for the parade gathered all the new techniques and brought to Moscow. Speaking with simple words, the report of the military attache in Berlin was extremely strong. And preparations for the invasion of the territory of the Soviet Union — only increased and its deadlines began to shift even closer. Although, initially, according to the plan of the Soviet command, they wanted, on the contrary, to combine Germany to refuse their ideas of attacking the Soviet Union. It did not come out, since it was said above that the German side could not believe that all parts of the Red Army are equipped with the latest technique. Moreover, it turned out that about some types of equipment, German intelligence did not know, in principle.

At the very parade of the Soviet Union, there was all command of our country: Stalin, Molotov, Voroshilov, Tymoshenko, Kalinin. From the German side, Ernst Köxting and Hans Krebs were present attended. These were far from the latest people in the German military command. Here they are, including, and gave Hitler not a very good assessment of the equipment of the Red Army. Naturally, they were deeply mistaken in their judgments. Naturally, they were far from stupid people, but then it was necessary to correctly listen to the highest command, especially on the eve of the attack on the Soviet Union. After all, any incorrect statement could not like Hitler and he could suspect his environment in distrust of his military genius.

Reality turned out to be different. After the start of the Great Patriotic War — the Germans collided with fierce counteraction and defense of the Red Army, its organized departure and unexpected counterdashers and offensive. The German command realized that in Russia — no «light walk» will not be in principle, as he was promised in the command of Germany. Already in the first weeks of the war, the German army met on the battlefield of the newest Soviet military equipment: T-34, kV-1 tanks, a reactive system of salvo fire, called later «Katyusha». By the way, attacking the Soviet Union — Germany initially put a fat point in this war. After all, this country could not win the war on depletion. Moreover, when the leadership of this country was moving inadequate goals that do not fit with reality.

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