Who made a greater contribution to victory in World War II: the Red Army or Union Troops


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This question, voiced in the title of the article, excites the minds for many decades. But in recent years, after modern Russia began to raise his head, to hold an independent foreign policy and real success began in the economy — our «partners» began to strike «blows» in such places that were considered unshakable and indisputable. This includes, among other things, the results of the Second World War and the contribution of allies on the anti-Hitler coalition. The actual rewriting of the history of the Second World War began. The role of the Soviet Union began to level and, even blame in the unleashing of the war, together with Germany, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Covenant «- caused the fact that the Germans calmly attacked the» poor «Poland. Which, and several years before, herself was not against going to the Soviet Union along with Germany. And yes, by the way, it is also possible for the non-aggression of the British and the French with Germany — you can call the cause of the war. But this dispute will not be settled soon, since the «Information War» against Russia has just begun.

And yet, the truth you need to talk without tired. True, after all, she is alone. In general, this is. We will tell, objectively about the contribution of the Soviet Union and the Allies. The fact that ours received the main blow to the German military car for ourselves is not discovery, but the evidence. At the USSR attacked almost all the power of the German and European economy. After all, the German economy worked on the Germans, except for the UK, which herself was in a state of war with Germany.

And most importantly, you need to understand the same important detail. For more than three years, the war went on the territory of the Soviet Union. Millions of people who fell under the occupation or were located in the immediate line of the front line. It is, on the territory of our country and, it was our people who broke more than 70% of the martial power of the Wehrmacht. The Western Front did not exist at that time. France was crushed over a month and a half, so something like this. I had to fight alone until the landing of Americans, the British and Canadians in France. And here it is undoubtedly, in the defeat of Germany, the Soviet Union played the main role. Of course, do not forget about the lend-liz. He was and played a huge role. But our allies have now began to forget that they fought that our citizens, they were they lay down with our country and for peace around the world. Therefore, when you now want to take our role in the liberation of Eastern Europe and the defeat of Germany — the West is completely ignorant and unsuitable. But here there is nothing to add. Such is their essence, apparently.

Nevertheless, if you drop modern disputes, then you need to understand the same way. After all, for the UK and the United States, it was extremely difficult to fight in Europe. There are adequate and objective reasons for it. Could not the same, Americans transfer huge forces overnight, and these are millions of soldiers. And you need to understand that the leaders of the West did not want to carry losses. Such is their traits. It was easier for them when others fought, and they equip them with everything necessary. For this reason, they abandoned landing on the Balkan Peninsula. Nevertheless, if France did not capitulate, then the very notorious Western Front would be. But in this case, the German command was unlikely to decide to war with the Soviet Union. So, the Great Patriotic War — it would hardly happen. But then from the category of conspiracy.

Nevertheless, we will not forget that the United States and the United Kingdom provided our country a huge, so to speak, gigantic assistance. Land Liz was large-scale, and especially, helped us in some moments — very, very much. Especially in part of trucks, armored transporters, food and rolled steel. Also, thanks deserve the fact that American and British sailors with battles broke through to the Soviet ports across the North Atlantic, where, German submarines tried to cut supply paths. These boats attacked sea convoys and many British and Americans gave lives in the waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean to protect help for us from the United States and Great Britain. They gave life and during the transfer of combat aviation for the Soviet Union, which was produced at the factories of the United States and Canada. The paths of the transfer lay on the Arctic, Tundra, Taiga North America and the Far East. Also, airplanes were moved to the USSR from British India.

Also, we recall that the Second World War was not only in Europe. Of course, the scale on other fronts were many times less, but nevertheless, it helped our country so that we were not attacked with unforeseen plots for us. Our country is huge and we could attack Turkey, Iran and Japan. The British and Americans fought with Japan, with which the war was in the Pacific Ocean.

By the way, we will not forget about China. It would be foolish, do not mention it. After all, the Japanese-China War began in 1937. The Chinese steadfastly fought with Japan. The Chinese have lost tens of millions of lives in this war as peaceful losses and combat. China received assistance from the United States and from the USSR. The Japanese are specifically bogged down in China, right as the Germans in the USSR. If China had capitulated before the beginning of the war of Germany with the Soviet Union and the Americans would not lead the war in the Pacific Ocean, then Japan would strike for all 100% in our country. It would be fraught with the defeat.

Great Britain, also fought everywhere. In North Africa and Asia. But, in addition, in the Pacific Ocean and in the Atlantic. Fighting the German surface fleet and submarines — a separate story. After all, by the Atlantic, numerous convoys were walking with the help of the Soviet Union.

The result is next. The Soviet Union made a major or even, the main contribution to the defeat of Germany as military force. The Germans could easily throw the fallout allies in the sea in the event of the Soviet Union’s capitulation. But, since the main military power on the part of the Axis countries in World War II was Germany, it was our country who made the main contribution to the victory in this terrible war. Since our country defeated the military power of Germany and Japan. About the Kwantung Army in Manchuria should not be forgotten, which our army defeated in a matter of weeks. The contribution of allies was more local in terms of military deposit. But nevertheless, they played a huge role in the victory of the USSR over the enemy by providing us with tremendous material assistance. Since, it is clear to defeat the war, you need to destroy his military power. Therefore, one cannot forget about the role of our country in the salvation of the world from the plans of madmen, who were headed by Germany in those years.

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