Where the newest tank T-14 «Armat» disappeared


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In the early 2010s, the media began to see the information that in Russia there is a development of the newest promising tank. After that, in 2015, on the 70th anniversary of the Victory Tank was represented by the general public. But, it was, after that, various specles about the tank itself began to appear. They spoke anything, they were excelled, they called it plywood. But now, more than 5 years have passed, and it becomes not clear, where this tank has disappeared, or refused it, or «let the dust in the eyes» and, in fact, not. Indeed, there is no particular information about him, it is not clear whether this tank will be adopted into army.

Today you will learn where the tank T-14 «Armat» was fived, and what is his fate. So, with a tank everything is fine. It really exists, and at the moment, under several years undergoing government tests. And all this information, in principle, is open. And the point is not even that the tank does not write about this and do not advertise for a long time, but in the fact that he successfully passed the development period and is at the test stage. In addition, there is information that at the beginning of 2020, an experimental batch of machines arrived in the Russian army, the number of more than 50 units. And by 2027 there is a plan of delivery in Russian troops 500 units of T-14 «Armat».

Well, a little, we remind about the tank itself. T-14 «Armat» is the only tank in the world in which the crew is located directly in the housing of the tank. And by the way, in an additional protected capsule. The tank of the tank is uninhabited. In addition, the T-14 «Armat» is the only tank of the third generation of combat tanks after World War II.

By the way, there is information that there may be an export version of this tank. But it is clear that the needs of the army will not be satisfied, it will not be removed from this tank of the secrecy. Now, will answer the questioned question: where the newest T-14 «Armat» has disappeared. We answer, he has not disappeared anywhere, they simply do not apply for him, as it makes no sense. Moreover, at that moment, when the west is a powerful pressure on our country and it makes no sense to merge information, even for the media.

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