Whatever the size of the economy, if Ukraine became part of Russia


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All who are interested in economics and history know that another 7 years ago, there were close cooperation in the industrial and economic sphere. And, of course, Ukraine won the most of all, since Russia could buy components produced in Ukraine — in Russia. But all this goes even deeper in history, in Soviet times, when Ukraine, in general, was an integral part of the Great Russia — the Soviet Union.

But the times have changed, and the relationship has changed, more thanks to the west, which sets this country against Russia, building in this state — anti-Russia. Recall that in view of practically the refusal of Yanukovych from the Balnaya for Ukraine, the Eurassociation — the West raised the rebellion in this country, brazenly supported demonstrators and, even sent his «high» persons to Kiev, when there were street demonstrations against law enforcement. We are the inhabitants of our country in Russia, this false, rotten and narrower practitioner of the West, should not, forget and know that the same scenario turns into Russia now.

The Ukrainian authorities abandoned the association with the EU precisely because of the Boarding of the Association itself. In essence, in Europe, industrial products from Ukraine were not needed. Therefore, the leadership of Ukraine realized that the Association would destroy their industry, which was all the more tied in Russia. And Russia was not worth such a seat of Ukraine on two chairs. That is, the industry of Ukraine had to export Russia, giving loans and pumping its industry orders. But at the same time, Ukraine was associated with the European Union, which, in fact, is a potential enemy, since its main members are located in NATO. So it goes.

Well, the saucepical forces in Ukraine took the top and now promote all Ukraine that Russia is an enemy and everything in this spirit. In the meantime, the West raises the country, as Russia raised in the 1990s. Sanctions were imposed on Russia: as a result, Ukrainian industrial enterprises were bent, and Russia — simply created the missing production. Successful import substitution. Who does not notice this or does not believe — well, the devils with them, the main thing is that objective data and numbers speak for themselves. And even more so, according to the rhetoric of the West and on the work of their agents in Russia, it becomes clear that they understand that the levers of influence on Russia have been exhausted and now they can only stop Russia with her. But they are afraid of fighting — as Russia’s nuclear strike will not leave space on earth as such in principle. The West knows this and understands, so they rock the situation within the country.

And now, about good. On the subject of our today’s articles. Now will answer the question: «How would the size of the economy be if Ukraine entered into Russia»?

We consider GDP to parize the purchasing power according to IMF for 2019:

GDP on PPS in Russia in 2019 amounted to: 4136 billion dollars;

GDP on PPS in Ukraine in 2019 amounted to: 561 billion dollars;

It turns out that there would be $ 4697 billion in the amount.

In this case, we would overtake in this indicator Germany, in which GDP on PPS in 2019 according to IMF amounted to $ 4672 billion. Well, not bad. But we and without Ukraine, overtake in Germany in the next two several years, especially after the crisis of 2020. In the future, GDP on PPP of Russia will exceed the indicator of Japan. But this is in the future.

Now, we consider the nominal GDP according to the IMF for the same as the same 2019:

GDP (nominal) in Russia in 2019 amounted to: 1702 billion dollars;

GDP (nominal) in Ukraine in 2019 amounted to: 154 billion dollars;

Total, in the amount it would turn out $ 1856 billion.

Well, and then it did not happen. Is that Brazil would overtake and, took the 9th place in the world on nominal GDP. It’s a shame in general.

And for interest, they considered how many GDP on PPP of Russia in 2019 would be, if all the former Republic of the USSR would be included in its composition, with the exception of the Baltic States. They did not turn on, because they are as part of the EU, and therefore — ahead of the rest of the world, in the ranks of the progressive part of the world community, by the way. Wherever we, Russia to the power of these Baltic republics. Well, the data, in general, below in the form of the table.

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