What would happen if the USSR did not appear on the world map in 1922.


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Well, I’m on touch again. Today I wondered about such a question and I will try to answer himself. And the question is:

Everyone knows that after the arrival of the Bolsheviks to power in Russia, our country has built its policies, economy and culture as opposition to the capitalist world, which was not with a «human face». It was built on the principles of social equality. I will not go into details here, but I understand what I mean. Those who understand and even a little knowledgeable people — will understand the essence of the send. So, and let’s imagine that the story ordered so that for certain circumstances, Soviet Russia or the USSR was not formed. What would our world wait then? We strive.

The most important thing is to understand that the world is competition. Competition must be. It exists in nature and in the world, in general. The same competition exists in politics, in economics, in science. In science, so at all, most likely, progress would just stop. Let’s remember how the same Internet and many others appeared. And the development of space in the second half of the 20th century is completely based on the Competition of the USSR and the United States in this area. Competition was engaged in world progress. There is a very simple scheme. Any step in progress is equivalent to risk that they will take advantage of competitors, which means that they need to create new, modernize and improve again. I think the essence is clear.

The world, with a probability of 99%, would be united on an imperialist basis. One may be two powerful capitalist powers (most likely the US and the United Kingdom) could subordinate themselves the rest of the world. But neither one state, but something like a colonial system. The metropolis would have kept under the control of the rest, pumping out resources from them. The rest of the world would have turned simply in the agrarian-resource base, the periphery of the Center. There would be no exit from such a system from the rest of the subordinates.

It would happen that the developed center in the person of one or several capitalist countries would mercately exploit the rest when it spreads his produced goods produced by the rest of the world, which would still be produced at different points of the world, so that none of the parts of such an empire could Exit dependent on the «center». By the way, it is clear that the «Center» would have an overwhelming superiority in armed force, which means any uprising would be severely suppressed, which means meaningless.

The result, in fact, would be one: the deepest stagnation, even in the field of culture. But the contemporaries of such a world would not understand this, because they would not have a conventional reality with them. Perhaps only understanding people would see. The rest would live as further. We simulate that Russia has always been such, playing such a role when she solved the fate of the world. And this is not an exaggeration, it’s true. So the creation of the Soviet Union is an event from the discharge of a natural process that was supposed to happen in any case.

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