What will be the Russian lunar base and why we need it


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In the previous article, we introduced readers with the Russian lunar program. But, one of the key parts of this program is the construction of the Russian lunar base. It is clear that the construction of the Russian lunar base is a strategic goal. According to the program, it becomes clear that the first flight of Russian to the moon will occur in 2029-2030. In the 2030s. It will be the time to create a Russian lunar base. In addition to Russia, the bases will be created by China, the USA, Japan and the European Space Agency. It is known that the development of the Russian base on the moon is engaged in FSUE TsNIIMASH, which is the head organization «Roskosmos».

One of the main objectives of creating a lunar base, in addition to scientific, will be the extraction of helium-3 for thermonuclear energy. Russia and China, at the moment, the fastest rates of research in the field of thermonuclear energy. Gely-3 reserves on the moon, according to scientists, are huge and can be enough for 1000 years, if ensuring all humanity of electricity. In addition to the production of helium-3, the base will be the place of all sorts of scientific experiments. In addition, the moon can be created on the basis of the moonbase telescopes, both radio telescopes and optical. This is possible due to the fact that there is no atmosphere on the moon. And in the end, the moon will be used as an item for interplanetary space missions in the depths of the solar system.

In addition, on the moon, according to scientists’ estimates, there are titanium, iron, aluminum deposits, as well as water ice, which can be a source of oxygen, hydrogen and, of course, water. By the way, scientists say that due to the absence of an atmosphere on the Moon, the solar energy on it will be very effective. The surface of the moon is a practically cosmic vacuum, which means that it can be obtained with super-free alloys. There are thoughts that on the moon you can place dangerous production from the surface of the Earth in the future.

The project of creating the Russian Lunar base was developed back in 2014 and fully describes the process of its creation, maintenance and modernization, up to 2050. The most important and initial point of creation of the lunar base will be a whole cluster that will consist of an installation that generates electricity, a residential module and a crew life module. In addition, it is known that moonwoker will be delivered to the Russian lunar base and, later, Lunolement. According to some data, the base parameters are as follows: Initially, the base will be from 2-4 crew member, subsequently, after modernizing the base — 10-12 people. Part of the working infrastructure of the lunar base will be on the surface. Part under the surface, namely: shelters from solar radiation, power installation. The location of the lunar base is chosen area of ​​the southern pole of the moon. We simulate that in the development of the Russian lunar base, projects developed by Soviet scientists are used during the Soviet Union in the 60s-70s.

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