What Space Shuttle was better than Burana.


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This year marks 10 years since the last flight of Atlantis Shattla. This is a historical date, since after that, the Space Shuttle program was officially closed. This ended the 30-year period of the whole era of American reusable spacecraft. But Space Shuttle Shuttle Brother’s twin brother — Soviet Reusable Spaceship «Buran». Once, in 1988, he flew into space, but with the collapse of the USSR, the Buran program was closed.

So here. You can talk a lot of arguments and argue about what ship was better, and what worse. But there is a very obvious indicator that Space Shuttle was better «Burana». This is not even the possibility of outputting the useful mass into orbit and not other parameters. The fact is that Space Shuttle has their own march engines, which allowed him to climb into orbit without the use of the rocket. This was his uniqueness and to some extent, low cost. Moreover, the accelerated blocks on solid fuel were reused.

The presence of Marsh engines at Shhattla gave him advantages over the Soviet Buran, which was launched using the energy missile «Energy». In addition, it is clear that the flight engines Space Shuttle returned to the ground with the ship. Naturally, experts had to serve these engines after landing. But it is in any case cheaper and easier than the construction of a new huge most complex rocket, like «Burana». Yes, I had to build a new tank of orange color, which allowed the shuttle to carry fuel with it, but it is cheaper and easier for a whole rocket, in any case.

The «Energy» carrier rocket, used to launch our spacecraft, was expensive, although it could take with him an additional cargo under the fairing. Therefore, the launch of the «Buran» was more expensive in the sense that for each next launch of Burana, it was necessary to make a new rocket, which, in addition, it was necessary to load additional load. After all, without additional payload, the launch of «energy» would be used not in full force, which means that it would be talked about unjustified costs. After all, the Shhattla burned only the fuel tank, and the «Burana» is a whole rocket carrier.

But there were also cons of the American Space Shuttle — he could not sit on the ground as it could «Buran.» Space Shuttle simply planned from orbit and he had only one attempt to successfully land on the airfield. For this, several huge airfields for shuttles on the territory of the United States of America were created.

And here, our «Buran» comes into the arena, who could change the trajectory of his flight and maneuver during the descent to Earth. By the way, he did it during his singular flight in 1988.

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