What power actually possessed, Mikhail Kalinin


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Studying the history of the Soviet Union, you understand who was the ruler of our country during these years: Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev and so on. But were in the history and other rulers, about which we forgotten or the story is written in such a way that their biographies did not particularly concern over long decades. So, one of these is Kalinin Mikhail Ivanovich. The future leader of the Soviet state was born in 1875 in the Tver Province in the village of Upper Trinity in the poor peasant family.

In 1898, he joined the RSDLP, and since 1905 he became a Bolshevik. Actively participated in the first Russian revolution of 1905, as well as in the 1917 revolution. In 1922, M. I. Kalinina elected one of the chairmen of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR. This position Kalinin held January 1938. After the new Constitution of the USSR CEC came into force abolished. After, on January 17, 1938, Mikhail Kalinina was elected chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Formally, it was the role of the head of the Soviet state. He occupied this position, up to 1946. On March 19, 1946, he was liberated from the post of Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. After a few months, he died suddenly.

There is such an opinion that Mikhail Ivanovich was the very figure in the Soviet leadership, which balanced the interests of various political groups. In terms of its powers, he was the formal head of the Soviet Union. However, it was very limited in his actions. In addition, it is believed that his role in the history of the same repression is underestimated. After all, in fact, he signed the normative acts that contributed to the beginning of repression in the USSR. For example, on December 1, 1934, Kalinin signed the decision of the CEC and SCC of the USSR, which sounded like «On Amendments to the current Criminal Procedure Codes of the Union republics.» This document provided the legal authority of repression in the 1930s. And, by the way, Kalinin often signed the most notorious focusing lists. These smaller lists, by the way, were sent to all political bureau members.

By the way, it is necessary to notice that Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was never the head of the USSR. In fact, he was the leader of the Bolsheviks party. But in its times, the real power belonged to the Party of WCP (b), so Stalin had power. The real power in this post, on which a long time was Kalinin, appeared only with Brezhnev. Of course, some actions of Kalinin could produce, but again, the real power was from Stalin. But, you need to remember that the signatures on the main and many documents of that time it was Kalinin. He was legally headed by the country. By the way, according to the diplomatic protocol, Kalinin could be treated as «Mr. President of the USSR». Such are things.

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