What is this module «science» and why he needs Russia


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The Russian Space Industry and Segment are the most advanced in the world. And this is not a joke. Yes, to some extent, our country is lagging behind the United States and the same China in the study of distant space. Here we refer both Mars and other space bodies of the solar system. But it is not necessary to forget that the basic discoveries on Venus and the study of its surface by automatic stations — precisely for our country. It happened that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was necessary to at least preserve what could be preserved, and not to invest huge funds in the study of distant space.

But in the field of piloted flights to the near-earth orbit, our country is ahead of the world, at the moment. Of course, in the USA created the ship «Crew Dragon», but he did not prove his reliability as our Union. A few flights to the ISS is not an indicator, obviously. And now let’s talk in essence. The Russian module «Science» has become just legendary for many years. He seems to be, but it seems to be it. The launch of this module was transferred for more than 10 years. So let’s find out why and why you need this module and what place in the Russian cosmonautics should take the «Science» module.

Initially, the «Science» module was scheduled as a dubler of the main and first module of the International Space Station «Zarya». The full name «Science» is a multifunctional laboratory module. Since its inception in 1995, it was repurchased several times. That is a dubber «dawn», then the cargo module. Now this is a Russian scientific module for the ISS. It will become one of the largest modules on the ISS. For a variety of reasons, the launch of the module was postponed. And now, its launch is accurately scheduled for July 21 of this year. Of course, we need it than he will lie somewhere in the warehouses of the design bureau. And so, will serve the country for more than one year. It is known that MLM «Science» will take the place of the Russian Module «Pierce», which will be refused from the ISS and flooded in the world ocean.

In addition, Russia has specific plans to create a Russian orbital space station «Ross» after 2025. It is known that this issue is already under study, and in the books of the CB, the first module of the new Russian orbital station is performed in full swing. It is known that the ISS comes to the completion of the operational resource and it is necessary to replace it. In this case, the «science» can reflue from the ISS and send to another orbit around the Earth, where it will become part of the domestic orbital space station. And by this time, according to the plan of our engineers and scientists, there must be a newest Russian spacecraft «Eagle». Our astronauts to the new Russian station after 2025 will be flying on it.

Of course, I would like to keep the ISS, because it is the last link in which Russia and the West at least somewhere normally contact and work out of politics. But still, it is clear that the piloted flights cannot be stopped in any way, hence and a short time as with the launch of «science» and with the creation of our station. We will live, see, as they say. The main thing is that everything goes much further words, more things. So far, everything goes according to plan. In addition, this year we expect the flight of the Russian «Luna-25». But this is a completely different story.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.