What is the secret of the colossal construction «boom» in China?


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Over the past two decades, the world has been so used to the economic «boom» in China, that this is no longer unexpected. Already, almost every person on Earth knows that a huge share of goods in the world is produced in China. And this list includes almost all the names, especially if you take consumer goods. In fairness, let’s say that these goods are already good quality. But that’s not all. It is clear that if there is a rapid economic growth in the country, then the construction of the construction is not behind. This sphere in China, currently, in such a break, that such pace of construction as in China, in principle, did not dream of either Europe, nor the United States, or Russia together. And what to hide, because every year in China is produced more than one billion tons of cement. In the same Russia — only about 100 million tons. Of course, it is silly to compare two countries that have a difference in population, just in these 10 times, as well as the difference in the production of cement. But is everything so easy?

No, not everything is so simple. In addition to the giant buildings of the giant buildings in the cities, China is building and new cities that grow up in an empty place on the lands, where there was nothing before. But what is the secret of China? Waires ours will not be able to also? Such a rapid pace is at the present time, hardly. And for what reasons. All the cunning lies in the fact that China over the past 25 years has built the most powerful construction industry in the world. Hence such a huge production of the same cement. But not the same cement build everything. This country has built a powerful industry producing all kinds of construction equipment on a huge scale. Therefore, for example, only in one Chinese construction site, a large number of techniques can be involved. And it all happens simultaneously in different parts of China. But now, the Chinese construction equipment has become exported abroad, including. Also, the Chinese work in a few shifts, which means that work on the construction site does not stop in principle. Here is from here and the rapid deadlines for the delivery of objects. Perhaps that the mentality of the Chinese people plays a certain role plays a certain role. After all, it is usually abroad about him as a very hardworking people. In general, who knows. May cause, indeed, in this.

Although, no need to hide and the fact that only 90 years ago and in our country there were large-scale construction sites. When the whole Western world was drowned in the economic crisis, the Soviet Union — forced pace, practically from scratch, built the industry in the country and roads. But now, in Russia, the construction boom is unheard of over the past 30 years, but on a smaller scale than half and and a half million China.

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