What is the indisputable advantage of the Angara missiles


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The world with great attention is observed for the successes of the American company Spacex and the Chinese Space Program. Undoubtedly, their successes are huge and no one is going to argue the opposite. But looking at our competitors in the space sphere, we have forgotten that there are also important successes from Russia. To one of these success refers to the creation of a completely new carrier missile «Angara». A distinctive feature of this rocket is that this is a whole family. This family includes both rockets of a lightweight class and heavy.

As usual, domestic engineers and designers have developed such a missile that is essentially no analogues in the world. The fact is that if we pay attention to the same Russian missile «Proton», then we note that the process of manufacturing this rocket is very complex. To make one such rocket — you need three months of painstaking work. A family of launch vehicles «hangar» is made according to a completely different scheme. If we take a look at the structure of any rocket, we learn that the rocket steps are essentially fuel tanks and rocket engines.

So, when creating a family of missiles «Angara» came to a new, completely revolutionary approach. Now the plant is manufactured by identical missile modules, that is, fuel tanks and other elements of the rocket, including head fairings. These modules can be varied among themselves in such a way as to create a rocket with the required loading capacity for those needs that are defined by the tasks of one or another launch of the payload in orbit. That is, you can create as a light class rocket and heavy, with a lifting capacity of up to 35 tons to a low near-earth orbit.

You still need to understand that thanks to the modular technology, you can produce a large number of missiles within one year. After all, let’s say, the plant produces universal modules and here, there is a need for launching the cargo to orbit. As a result, these modules can be used, simply by collecting the rocket. In this family, our domestic rocket engine RD-0124 will be used. By the way, the RD-0124 is the highest efficient oxygen-kerosene liquid rocket engine in the world. In addition, this engine was first created in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Another advantage of this rocket is what is environmentally friendly. The fuel that it refills is environmentally friendly, in contrast to the fuel of the proton rocket, which uses a mixture of heptila and an amila. «Angara» works on kerosene, oxygen is used as an oxidizing agent. In addition, such fuel is inexpensive for the price, which reduces the cost of launches. But there is also a minus of this class of rockets, this is its value that estimates experts almost higher than two times than the cost of the proton carrier.

Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the Angara carrier missile will be launched from the territory of Russia from the Eastern cosmodrome in the Far East. Currently, a starter complex is created specifically for her on «Eastern». The second cosmodrome for the launches of the «hangars» will be an indispensable «Plesetsk», where in 2014 they built a starting complex for the «hangary». Rockets themselves by decision of the center. Khrunichev will be manufactured in Omsk at the Flight Production Association. One of the reasons why Omsk was chosen is that the city is on an equal distance from the cosmodrome Plesetsk and East. In addition, approximately the same distance divides Omsk from the Baikonur cosmodrome.

Whoever did not say that Russia is developing and experiencing an «hangar» for 20 years, but nevertheless, this is our common great success in rocket education. Further launches will show how effective missile carrier of the Angara family and is safe. And the commissioning of «Angara» — will open the new chapter in the Russian cosmonautics.

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