What is it, the newest weapon of Russia: Avangard, Poseidon, Dagger, Sarmat


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Russia has always been famous in the development of high-quality weapons. This, so to speak, our «horse», produce good weapons. After all, Russia is not in vain in the world second place in the arms market. It seemed to many that the Russian army and the developing weapons themselves were stuck somewhere in the late USSR. But, in fact, Russia is systematically updated its army and weapons. Now, our army is neither the one that was 10-15 years ago. Today we will try to briefly disassemble the main newest weapon of Russia: Avangard, Poseidon, Dagger and Sarmat.





Only the presence of Russia’s high-quality weapons «retaliation» and for «guaranteed impact» — will be a guarantor of the world for us and the world as a whole from the unleashing of the global war with the rareeids of huge capital.

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