What is in the center of the Galaxy, in which we live


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Cosmos always manifes people. Scientists of her husbands, and the question of all times in all times, the question was interesting: «And what is hiding there — above the clouds»? And indeed, during the day when the bright shone shines, and at night it goes beyond the horizon and the gaze is a huge moon against the background of an infinite number of stars. But people were not stupid and already with deep antiquity began to understand what’s the matter. But the development of technologies did not allow them to look next. Passed century and now, now people study distant space with the help of automatic probes, rovers and cosmic telescopes. Nevertheless, some questions remain unsolved or completely unclear.

We know that we live on the planet Earth, which draws around the star, which is called the Sun. In turn, the Sun draws around the galaxy, called from ancient times by the Milky. In principle, you can finish the tale, but did you ever think about what is in the center of our galaxy? It is clear that the sun is in the center of the solar system. But what about the center of the Milky Way? Today you will learn the answer to this question. On the one hand, from where we know, because we are so far from the center that it makes no sense, and there we never all go anyway.

So, to understand the scale of our galaxy, you need to know its size. Naturally, we have never seen our galaxy from the side, which means that her form can be completely different than we represent it. According to the latest data from scientists, the Milky Way is likely to have a spiral shape with sleeves diverging from the center. So, on one of the sleeves we live. According to scientists calculations, the galaxy has the following dimensions: diameter in the diameter is equal to 100,000 — 120,000 light years, and the thickness of the galaxy (if it can be called that) — 1000 light-old disk and 3000 light years — Balja, that is, the sweat in which the center is located . Huge scales, isn’t it? It is believed that in our galaxy about 400 billion stars. Basically, they are all located directly in the Disk of Galaxy.

It is estimated that our sun is located about 28,000 light years from the center of the Galaxy. By the way, one light year is 9,460,730,472,581 km, and rather almost 9.5 trillion km. This distance overcomes the light for one globe. Well what? Far? On the scale of the universe, do not say that it is still so far away, but nevertheless. And in general, if we consider the galaxy in the diameter, then our sun is closer to the edge of the galaxy than to the center. We are located in the inner side of Orion’s sleeves and all that surrounds us is the components of this sleeve.

If we consider the galaxy in thickness, then we are closer to the northernmost edge of the galaxy, closer to its northern plane. And yes, the Galaxy has both the North Pole and the South. It is easier to consider the parties to location. I think I explained clearly. We still need to understand what we see our galaxy in the sky from the edge, and I will not fully see the sleeves because of an uncomfortable location on the inside of the Orion disk. That is, about real form you can only guess. There is a galaxy and a dark zone located outside the center of the Galaxy, which we do not see for obvious reasons. But the solar system revolves around the galaxy and does it approximately 200 million years.

When you look in the southern direction towards the constellations of the shield, Scorpio and Sagittarius, then it is there that the center of the Galaxy is located. There you will see a huge accumulation of stars. But if you look at other parts of the starry sky, the other components that are located outside our galaxy are visible. This is the nearest spiral galaxy nebula Andromeda, and Magellanovy clouds and much more. Well, what is located in the very center of the Galaxy? There is a star balje, it is such a thickening in the center of the Galaxy, which rotates a huge number of old stars. With the rib, the galaxy resembles a disc from the side, and at the center thickening like Yula.

Our galaxy is filled with interstellar dust and because of this, the running light from the center is strongly dissipated and weakened. There are not just optical telescopes, but already such that can observe the sections of the galaxies in both the radium band and in the radiation range of X-ray, infrared and gamma rays. Here, closer to the center the number of stars is becoming even more, in fact there is a huge gas disc. Its radius of 2300 light years. Mass is great: 100 million saves. Even then there is a ring of molecular hydrogen. It has a property to expand and rotate. Its mass of 100 thousand masses of the Sun, the radius of 480 light years. Further, in the center of this formation there is a notorious center of the Milky Way — a supermassive black hole.

The mass of this black hole is more than 4 million saves. Diameter 44 million km. By the way, the diameter of the Sun is 1 million 392 thousand km. These are such gigantic sizes at the center of our galaxy. These are not fairy tales, but real reasonable studies of scientists. A black hole has its name: Sagittarius A. Around the same dazzling glow and star storms. In general, a lot of bright light. In general, at the end I would like to say that if there were no black hole in the center of the Milky Way, it would not be that gravitational field, which holds the entire mass of the substance along with the stars. Yes, and we live on a huge safe distance from this restless center, so we have nothing to be afraid.

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