What, in fact, the reason for the flooding of the Russian Space Station «Peace»


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On March 23, 2001, the Russian Space Station «Peace» was recessed in the Pacific Ocean near Fiji Islands. Since that time, 20 years have passed, but disputes about the correctness of this decision do not subside until now. Versions about the destruction of this station several. Some believe that it was an order of Americans who were against Russia to have its own station. Others, they say that there were objective reasons for this decision. To argue about the correctness of this enterprise is not for. Many years have passed. Today I would only like to indicate the objective causes of flooding the «Peace» station.

The station was worn out

At the time of creation, the station was calculated for a five-year service life. But it so happened that in space it worked as many as 15 years. In recent years, it has become in order to fail the various aggregates and systems, so its subsequent use has become dangerous. In addition, some failures and fires happened. But the most difficult case happened in 1997. This year, the Progress ship rammed the Scientific Module «Spectrum», which had a huge importance for the station. After this accident at the station one after one fails.

Expensive service

By 2001, the station service was expensive. After all, it was not just a service. The station required the overhaul of all systems, lifting the orbit of the station — it was meaningless. In addition, this required a large amount of fuel. And it rests on money. The most interesting thing is that the fully repair of the World Space Station was more expensive than the construction of a new station.

Participation in the building of the ISS

The Russian budget at that time could not finance two projects at once: peace and ISS. In the late 1990s. Russia began to participate in the program to create an international space station. But attention to the «world» and the ISS was impossible in those years. Therefore, among other things, for this reason, the «world» was sweeping. In Russia, so there were commitments to the ISS: this is the management of the station from the ground, sending transport and cargo ships and the construction of 1/3 of the station. In addition, the construction of the Russian segment of the ISS.

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