Water on Mars, in fact, found Russia


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The study of Mars is associated exclusively with the United States of America, and in the last year — with China and the UAE. A modern man who does not know anything in the astronautics will think that Russia has never been studying in his red planet. But, I will upset you. The Soviet Union, at first, actively tried to explore Mars. But constantly something went wrong. But in essence, our device first in history reached the surroundings of Mars in the distant 1963. This apparatus was «Mars-1».

Yes, the mission turned out to be unsuccessful, but the device was successfully launched into open space, but for some reason the AMC was lost. But, along the trajectory, there is an assumption that Mars-1 accurately reached the orbit of Mars and got close to him at a distance of 193 thousand km and flew on, in fact, becoming a satellite of the sun.

Of course, the USSR continued attempts to start a successful study of the Red Planet. In general, there were seven missions of the Mars series devices. Some of them successfully landed, but a connection was lost with them. After unsuccessful missions, the Soviet Union switched entirely on Venus, which, also studied since the 1960s. In general, the 1960-1980s. became the «golden age of» domestic cosmonautics. Here it is impossible to separate modern Russian and Soviet astronautics. We, successors of the Soviet Union and should not be shy.

So here. As they say, Russia and after the collapse of the USSR tried to resume the study of Mars. This is the mission of Phobos-Grunt, and joint projects with the European Space Agency. The most famous, now existing, but about which many may not know — is the mission of Trace Gas Orbiter. This apparatus, working on a circular orbit around Mars, has two Russian (developed precisely in Russia and Russian scientists) scientific devices that have a crucial role in the mission.

The first, this ACS is deciphered as ATMOSPHERIC Chemistry Suite, which consists of three infrared spectrometers. Their task is the study of the structure and composition of the atmosphere of Mars. The second device is Frend, decrypted as Fine Resolution Epithermal Neutron Detector. The task of this tool is to work with the neutron flow, which come from the surface of Mars. The tool was developed in Russia, Russian scientists in the Department of Nuclear Planetology of the Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In addition, we participate in the program «EKSOMARS». And we have direct participation. The delivery of the European Marshode depends on our scientists. They are engaged in the development of the landing platform, which will be after the implementation of a successful landing — a scientific automatic station.

And now, about the main thing. The title stated that «water on Mars, in fact, found Russia.» This is true. But it does not advertise either the Western media nor our. The fact is that in 2001 the Americans sent the Mars Odyssey apparatus. It works and to present, although it has been significantly reduced by the budget. The Russian scientific detector Hend is installed on this device, whose name is decrypted as High Energy Neutron Detector. It was still created in Russia in the Laboratory of Space Gamma-spectroscopy ICI RAS. Thanks to this Russian instrument, and the sub-surplus water ice on Mars was discovered.

It would seem, think. But no. Without this tool, there was no that Piara at NASA about the fact that the device «Mars Odyssey» discovered water and ice under the surface of Mars. NASA at one time, just decided to keep silent, which found water on Mars, is the Russian device that is developed by our scientists, and assembled in Russia. They found out that the water found our device only in scientific works of scientists and in small publications in the media. Our Western Partners decided to communicate with the wide public, and they attributed all the laurels of the revolutionary scientific discovery to themselves. So, remember when someone will start saying that our does not create anything, and are not learning. It will be a weighty argument.

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