Undoubtedly, Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the best aircraft in the world and there are good reasons for it.


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American Boeing Corporation has been developing and produces some of the best aircraft in the world. One of these is the newest passenger aircraft.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner is made in such design, which is straightened from other aircraft. His bends of the fuselage and wings give the aircraft huge advantages in aerodynamics. And the wings, and at all, are made in such a way that they rise and bend during the take-off or landing of the aircraft. In addition, due to the shape of the wings, the aircraft can develop high speed and maneuverability. It’s not all. The aircraft is equipped with air suppression system — Gust Suppression System. Thanks to it, the occurrence of turbulence is reduced to a minimum, which means the flight itself is comfortable.

Although with its sizes of Boeing 787 Dreamliner less than other «classmates», but its fuel efficiency is higher, so this aircraft can fly to huge distance. At the same time, it does not lead to the rise in price of air tickets on this aircraft. The fuselage of the aircraft is made of carbon alloy, which reduces it all and makes it stronger. And also, for a comfortable pastime during the flight, windows are installed on Boeing 787, which are more than 30% than other passenger aircraft.

It adds more sunlight and reduces the risks of the tech in people who are subject to such during flights by plane. The glass itself is done in such a way that from plastic dampers they simply refused. Now the Boeing 787 portholes are made of electrochromic glass. Glass has 5 dimensional levels. With the help of electronic regulators, passengers themselves can adjust the dimming level.

It’s not all. Air on the plane goes exactly from the outside. Therefore, the air is always fresh, which is extremely positively affected by the well-being passengers. In addition to this, the noise level is significantly reduced on Boeing 787 — by as much as 60% than other aircraft. It is also positively reflected in the comfort of passengers during distant flights when they need a healthy dream. The passenger salon is spacious and light, and the air conditioning system has many special filters, which further increases the comfort of the aircraft.

The system of lighting the cabin changes the backlight depending on whether the aircraft is gaining height or goes for landing, day or night beyond. Passengers do not miss, as there are charging devices next to the seats, USB ports (and what about them in our time?), You can use audio and video channels.

Today you met the advantages of this aircraft. Indeed, Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the best plane in the world in its class. It is reliable, comfortable, flies at a high speed of 0.85 Mach and with convenience will deliver you to any point of the planet, since its range without refueling ranges from 11 thousand to 14 thousand km. This plane, indeed, is worthy of the title «Liner of Dreams» and wears him rightly.

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