Trend to German autobahn for a long time in the past.


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It is no secret to anyone that Germany, for decades, is considered a country of autobahns. The autobahn are the same highways. They are maximally permissible speed higher than usual highway. Also, highways, usually, are located between cities and regions of the country, and through the cities themselves can not pass. Simply put, the motorway is high-speed highways. Well, if you remember the motorway, Germany arrives at the mind immediately. Low, Germany has a huge network of autobans. In addition to Germany, other European countries can come to mind, and of course, the United States of America. The United States, indeed, the country of roads and, especially, high-speed roads. But is everything so simple, in fact? It turned out that there is no. Trend to German autobahn for a long time in the past. The country came to the fore, from which the least expected this.

Note that in China, the construction of highways, as well as high-speed roads, is being built with a huge pace. About 40 years ago, China did not even enter the top ten countries of the world along the length of roads with solid coating. And now, China broke out in the first place, overtaking the United States along the length of high-speed motorways. Or the same autobahn in German. The scale of the already built roads is so surprised, and the process of building new roads itself is not going to stop. Now, let’s say how much is in quantitative terms. But first, we will give a list of the top 5 countries along the length of the motorways.

These are the data. It is noteworthy that the first high-speed motorway in China, a length of 147 km, was built in 1988. Close to today’s US data on the length of the motorways, China approached in 2015, that is, 108 thousand km long. It is clear that in the US road construction did not stand in place. So, for five years from 2015 to 2020. China increased the length of motorways by almost 50% from 104 thousand km in 2014 to 150 thousand km in 2020. These are the «mad» pace of new road construction of highways in China. Not only has China selected the title of «autobahn countries» in Germany, it can also take away the title of «automotive country» from the United States of America. After all, China produces about 23 million cars a year (the United States produces 10 million cars) and most of them, just goes to the domestic market.

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