Trains at a speed of up to 1000 km / h can become a serious technological leading signal of China


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Technological development in the world in never stopped. At most times, the development has simply occurred, but not his stop. Moreover, in different epochs of the centers of such development there were different countries and cultures. Let’s not sharpen on this attention, but simply make that there is such an opinion that the gradually the technological center of the world moves towards East Asia. Of course, here for several decades in the technological plan dominates Japan. Naturally, not in all spheres, but nevertheless.

But we recognize the fact that for several centuries, if no more — such a technological center was Europe, and then North America represented by the United States. Of course, under Europe, we imply not only the countries of Western Europe, as well as Russia. Our country, at least in the 20th century, and now, has made no less contribution to global technological development. Is not it? Of course so.

We do not mean that Europe and North America — go to the background, no one. The fact is that in other countries, especially in the East — all sorts of technologies begin to develop. We refer to such both civil and the military sector. And here you can call such a new player in technological development. This is how you understand, China.

Our eastern neighbor, really rapidly developing technologies and overtook, almost all countries of the world. Naturally, this country can and copy some technologies, but for example, for example: «And which countries did not work open or secretly with copying technologies of other countries at different times»? And here, let’s turn to the main topic of our article.

The fact is that transport and logistics are developing in China’s rapid pace. All this is due to the fact that the Chinese economy develops and increases by the same rapid pace. Here you do not need to be afraid of something, China, almost at all times was an economically rich and prosperous state. In addition, thanks to the growth of China’s economy, its need for the development of the transport network is also growing, including railway.

Not only did China overtake all the countries of the world in the total length of the motorways taken together, so it is also a huge pace of railway highways. Naturally, not only traditional railways are developing, but also the same trains on the magnetic cushion. For such a large country as China (area of 9.5 million square meters km) with a huge population (1 billion 443 million people) The development of transport is vital.

Here, one ambitious Chinese development in the field of railway construction is coming to the fore. It is known that the construction of a train test line began in China, which will be able to develop speed from 600 km / h and higher. It is stated that these trains on the magnetic suspension will be able to develop speed up to 1000 km / h. By the way, the train on the magnetic cushion is called «Maglev».

But there is a reservation here. It is necessary to understand that this maglev will be limited to the fact that this huge speed he will be able to develop in a special pipe or, in simple words, in an underground tunnel in which there will be a partial vacuum.

I will explain why. The fact is to develop such huge velocities, you need to power this design to be powered. So, in order to have power supply Chinese engineers stated that they would use the effect of superconductivity. But you need to cool the elements of Maglava. For this, it is proposed to use liquid nitrogen.

Naturally, to make Maglev cheap himself — scientists from China offer to do it from the carbon fiber. In addition, they also declare that due to the fact that these types of trains will move in a tunnel with a partial vacuum in the future, it will be possible to create similar trains at a speed of 3000 and 4000 km / h.

Of course, it sounds like everything fantastic, but will the financial benefit be the fact that the time of arrival of passengers will decrease in the item they need? Does it make sense from these trains in big cities? Perhaps maybe. The correctness of the development and invested funds will show time.

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