There is a chance that the unfulfilled draft of the Russian breakthrough ship «Cleper» is reviving


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Spaceship «Union», which has no analogues in the world in its reliability and survivability, sooner or later will have to write off and send to a well-deserved rest. They always understood this. For example, another 20 years ago, in 2000, project work began on the creation of a ship, which will be replaced by the «Union». And it is worth noting that domestic engineers developed a real breakthrough ship, which was called «Clipper».

This ship, indeed, was very breakthrough, but left the Arena for one simple reason: lack of financing. Budget funds at the state level were not laid on its full implementation. And the Energy Energy Corporation itself could not find additional money from his own budget for its possessions. I think it makes no sense to blame the state in the failure of this project. In the early 2000s Russia could not spray money in the space sphere in all directions. The construction of the ISS and the money was calculated.

Now let’s talk about the ship itself. The ship, if he was created — would be, at that time, the top of the Russian space. This was due to the fact that the ship was not just descended by a capsule, but had a scheme, the so-called «carrier body». The ship could return to the ground as a glider and included two modules in itself: a returned apparatus and an orbital compartment, which it would be sharpened to the ISS or to another spacecraft. The crew of the ship included 5 people. By itself, «clipper» was spacious. Cosmonauts would feel in him not so compressed as in the old-good «Union.»

It is worth noting that the aerodynamic characteristics of the ship were very high, if not the best. And of course, the ship would be very reliable, as it would be used to reusable thermal protection. No need to forget that the ship was created as a rescue, including. To save the crew of the ISS in the event of an accident. Well, of course, he was a transport ship and could deliver up to 700 kg of cargo.

But from the ship had to refuse the ship to deliver people to the moon. Although, there is a chance that this project will be reanimated. The fact is that quite recently information was in the media that Russia is developing a reusable spacecraft. Also, it was said that the work would be completed in 2022 and the test of this spacecraft will begin.

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