The volume of industrial production in Russia is all twice as smaller than in the United States


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The economy is one of the specific indicators of the country’s development. But, most importantly, the volumes of industrial production. After all, this indicator is important when a comparison is comparing the economic sovereignty of a particular country. Suite yourself. If the country produces a little itself, then it has to buy goods from other countries, respectively, it will export less. If the country has natural resources, then it can export them, however, its economy will not be self-sufficient. Over the past 20 years, Russia’s economy rapidly grew, especially in the first 10 years of Putin’s reign. She grows now. But for all this time, and especially after the introduction of sanctions in Russia, our country managed to create a sovereign, self-sufficient economy. Russia is less dependent on the import equipment for industry. There is also a dependence on a number of technologies, however, judging by the trend, and this dependence will disappear by the beginning of the 2030s. The terrible dream of the West on an independent economically of Russia begins to come true, and a dream where Russia is a sovereign country — has already occurred.

So, in our time, when calculating the volume of the economy, the indicator of the nominal gross domestic product is considered (GDP). But it has long been known that objectively consider GDP on PPP (GDP for purchasing power parity). I will not explain why, I think it’s clear so, who is a little familiar with the economy. 2020, of course, brought a lot of shocks in the economy, so it is meaningless for the standard. Nevertheless, take 2019. But we assume that in 2020, in many countries there has been a fall in the economy, somewhere more, somewhere less.

So, in 2019, Russia’s GDP on PPS amounted to about 4300 billion US dollars, and US GDP on PPP amounted to $ 21,300 billion. We see that on GDP according to PPS, Russia is approaching Germany and Japan. And because of sanctions and pandemics, it becomes clear that everything will work on the arm of Russia. As a result, with more probability, by the end of this decade, Russia will become 4 economies in the world, bypassing Germany and Japan, and closely approaching the economy of India. In the back breathing Indonesia, it is unlikely to overtake Russia, in view of a number of reasons. So it goes.

Now, let’s talk about today’s theme itself. If, take into account that in the US, the process of de-industrialization and production is being taken, are still displayed in Asia, and in the same Indonesia, for example, it becomes clear that the share of industry in the structure of the United States GDP will fall further. But Russia, this indicator, on the contrary, has grown over the past 15 years and grows with greater speed after the imposition of sanctions. Note that in the United States, the share of industry in GDP — varies and equals from about 14 to 19%. In Russia — 38%. Of course, GDP is a more complex indicator, everything can be considered both by industry and yield. But here, we specifically look at the indicator itself. Accordingly, by volume, Russia receives about 1700-1800 billion US dollars in its GDP from industry. The United States receives from 3,000 to 4000 billion US dollars. How?

There are still some very good indicator. The fact is that the volumes of machine-tooling in Russia are growing annually and the importance of Russia’s imports of machines from abroad is falling. And the most interesting thing is that the United States falls these indicators. This suggests that the economy, namely, the volumes of industrial production in Russia are growing, and in the US fall. In essence, Russia has the volume of industry less than in the US total in two. Well, at best, 2.5 times. And this is despite the fact that Russian GDP for PPPs is less than 4.5 times. In general, forecasts and numbers are optimistic, especially in the background of the reinductitia of Russia and the US de-industrialization. In terms of machine tools, Russia lags behind the United States 9 times, but this lag with a huge pace decreases every year if, not even with the quarter. And the sanctions of the West, on the contrary, the Russian economy increased even more in the extension of industrial production. Growth drivers for the industry of Russia outlined everywhere. This is a locomotive car building, gaining momentum of aircraft, shipbuilding, microelectronics, machine-tooling.

Let us summarize that in 2019, the growth of industrial production in Russia was much higher than in all countries G7 (USA, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada) and other countries that are considered to be developing, such as Brazil, South Africa, Republic Korea, Indonesia. Industrial production in Russia in 2019 increased by 3%. In the US, almost 2%. Of course, the industry has grown most of all in China (6%) and India (5.1%). According to experts, Russia and China, the most successfully emerge from the crisis of 2020 and the Russian economy will grow, according to various estimates by 3.7-4.5%. This will affect both restoration processes and growth in industry, in general. Since, the internal needs grow, and the program of import substitution is influenced, since a number of industries had to recreate and create in Russia to zero.

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