The United States recognized Russia with superpower.


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Yesterday, the world had shielded news. In it, US President Joe Biden called Russia and the US superpowers who are responsible for peace. If you drop all mockery on the network on this policy, then it is right. But it is difficult to understand a person who says one thing, but does another. Here I mean the fact that large forces of NATO are tightened to the Russian borders of the Baltic States and Romania. In particular, these are American troops that are transferred from North America. It is very fascinated by Russia. How else? Is this Russia built military bases along the borders of the United States? Of course not. But Russia has its own trump card about which is known in the US Guide.

Such a visor includes Russian armed forces that were revived from the ashes of the 1990s. In particular, there are also rocket and nuclear forces of Russia, which are more powerful than American. Russia in this area prevails over the United States throughout the Triad of Nuclear Force. She has no equal. In addition, in the United States, it was quite recently announced that Russian nuclear forces are undergoing formed upgrades and a full update. By the way, the American authorities also argue that US Nuclear Forces are updated. Experts say that this is far from the way, since the modernization started at Barack Obama.

Now, the United States has added another headache — this is Russian hypersonic weapons. It is believed that the United States will catch up with Russia in this matter only by the end of this decade. It turns out that the rate of Russia for the creation of hypersonic weapons fully justified itself and the United States ended the levers of influence on Russia. In addition, sanctions did not help. In response to all economic sanctions — Russia simply takes and recreates or creates from scratch those produced by which she had them before the collapse of the USSR or was dependent on the West or China since the 1990s. Sanctions made Russia stronger and independent of the West Dictata.

Take for example the Russian hypersonic rocket «Avangard», which is able to develop the speed of 27 masks and is completely invulnerable. None of the existing systems are able to cope with it. In order to bring down one controlled battle block «avant-garde», 50 anti-abslicas are necessary. This makes any pro, even American, meaningless in front of the Russian hypersonic rocket.

Against the background of all this, in the United States the authorities understand that the conversation with Russia is completed from the standpoint. Of course, they will impose sanctions and further, but it will definitely strengthen our country even stronger. The troops will continue to throw to the borders with Russia. But any powerful decision of a dead end in relations between the two superpowers will end in the fact that NATO military forces will be destroyed by the Nuclear Forces of Russia, and dozens of Russian missiles with nuclear warheads fly to the United States, including hypersonic «avant-gardes».

Now it comes to the question, will the United States go for further confrontation with Russia? If so, the World War is inevitable. If not, the world expects the section of Ukraine. It was this country that became a stumbling block, because of which Russia and the United States had so much. It is unlikely that the American establishment rushes the future of the planet Earth from Ukraine, which does not represent any of themselves. Most likely, if Russia continues to be systematically to urge his interests, the United States will offer her to sit at the negotiating table. Joe Baylelen hints at this, offering Putin to meet him on a neutral territory and calling Russia a superpower. He recognizes it equal to the United States.

The result of all this can be the passage by the West of Ukraine of the Russian Federation. In the US, it is understood that the direct military clash of Ukraine with Russia — will lead to the loss of sovereignty of the first. And therefore, it is easier to agree with the superpower Russia on its terms not bringing to the war. Russia as an economic partner is more profitable than non-resourceful Ukraine. And in general, Ukraine was and remains not the fact that the sphere of interests of Russia, how much is part of it: historically, geographically, culturally and simply in principle.

The United States as a superpower is weakening and there they understand that the confrontation immediately with two major countries like Russia and China — they are not beneficial to them and they simply will not stand it. The European Union coming out of direct control is added here.

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