The stereotype of bad roads in Russia has long been outdated


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There are always certain stereotypes about countries and peoples in the world. Usually, all these stereotypes are incorrect and erroneous. Nevertheless, even the inhabitants of the country themselves have incorrect stereotypes about their own country. And it is very, even bad. Therefore, according to statistics, a person has such a property as the perception of some aspects from one side alone. For example, only with a bad side, without analyzing the situation and not searching for searching for information. Such people, besides, if analyzed, they still come from stereotypes, so their analysis is erroneous. Moreover, these stereotypes are imposed on television, press and cinema.

For example, according to the state rating from the World Economic Forum, Russia ranks 114th from 136. But the fact is that this rating is drawn up on the basis of notorious public opinion polls. And people, as usual, are always complaining, although they do not know anything about the real situation in this field. This rating does not take into account the real dimension of road quality, construction volumes and subsequent facilities. That is, this rating can not be believed from the word at all. In addition, the poorest countries of Central Africa in this ranking are already occupied by the 30th place. This does not climb into any gate, as all countries of Europe do not fit into these 30 positions, although the roads are much and many times better than in Africa.

Of course, road roads in our country are a big problem. And here there are several reasons that can not be discarded, even if a person does not believe anyone and thinks that in the West, in China and Japan all the roads are perfect. Russia is a huge country, the biggest, therefore, in view of this, there is a huge burden on the same budget. And here it is silly to lead as an example of any European country. Let’s say Germany, in general, tiny. Even 400 thousand square meters. km not. We have regions that are more than this country. Moreover, in Russia many climatic belts, we have long winters. It all affects the situation with the roads.

The last 15-20 years, was the modernization and construction of federal roads. Regional and local roads did not touch, mainly limited to cosmetic repairs, and in the outback and, at all, sprinkled with rubble and gravel. Now the new program has been working in Russia since 2019, which is designed until 2024. Here, there are multi-dollar funds for development: repair and construction of regional and local roads. That is, in the village and small towns. The project is also said that the task is to improve and modernize 85% of roads in 83 constituent entities of Russia. Grand task.

Of course, it makes no sense to say that the Chinese are well done that they are making many roads, and we are such that the roads cannot build in the outback. It all has other reasons. Yes, since 2000, China built a lot of roads and, now, in the near future, he will overtake the US and the EU together together on the length of roads. But is everything so smooth and fabulous? No, you need to understand the essence and study the problem. And everything is in business. China builds so many roads not because he loves his people so much and wants so many roads, no. In China, industrialization is now continuing and therefore, to employ a large number of people, the Chinese leadership «pumps» huge money in the construction of roads, empty cities. These roads are often multibric and do not mean in this sense. Many roads are simply built, they do not have a specific end point. Well, in recent years, they are becoming spent through Chur in rewinding and maintaining. By some, no one goes. The same problem with empty cities and villages in China.

Therefore, Russia’s policy in terms of road construction, which is targeted and correct. Russia has no such money to sift them, because of what, we build roads on the basis of the situation and the needs of the economy and the population. So, a new state program for the modernization and construction of roads in Russia is a breakthrough project. The federal highways are built and repaired, and now they took up regional and local. I personally live in one of the Westnesian regions and see how the program works, what are the roads in villages and towns. And also the roads leading to them. Therefore, a stereotype of bad roads in Russia — already in the past and in fact, if you go through the country now, it is immediately seen that the roads are built and repaired. New junction and bypass appear. Even, in the outback of the road improves and become better. Just need to be in the regions of Russia.

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