The Space Program «Artemis» went to the final stage: Americans flew to the moon already in 2024


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The subject of space — has always been interesting to people since ancient times. They were maniling to himself that world of unknown there, above the clouds. We are people, should understand that the world of space is inexpensive for us, in principle. And then again, the problem is in the huge scale of the universe. Its sizes are so big that they simply cannot be conquered by people, most likely never. These are the speeds of speeds and, the survival of a person in such long flights away from home, away from our native land. Immediately, it becomes clear how much land is of great importance for us, because it is our only home and another, we are unlikely to ever find or create their own hands. Therefore, for a person, a more important issue, is the preservation of our Earth and the development of our satellite — the moon, as a transshipment point before the development of Mars or, the same, Titan.

And now, we turn to the topic of our article today. Namely, let’s talk about the American program «Artemis». «Artemis» is NASA program on the piloted flight of people to the moon. She is entirely funded by the US government. According to this space program, people will go to the moon at 2024. She, just, is specifically dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the landing of the first person on the moon. Fly to our natural satellite man and woman. Wide astronauts on the moon about 1 week.

The founder of the Artemis program is the President of the United States Donald Trump. Back in 2019, he set a task for NASA to send people to the moon. The program itself is divided into two stages. The first stage suggests the piloted orbital deployment of the moon, construction, simply, the international near-class orbital station, which was called «Gateway». The second stage of the program implies targeted flights to the moon to create there after 2028 of the lunar infrastructure, namely, a permanent base on the moon. The service life of the station will be designed for 15 years.

The program is very clear and, already undergoing its physical embodiment. What do I mean here? Namely, for this program, the American super-step launch vehicle «SLS» is being developed. The ship «Orion», which will be used for these purposes, is designed from the mid-2000s. The companies «Lockheed Martin» and «Airbus Defense and Space» within another program that had the name «Constellation». Since September 2019, Lockheed Martin has received a contract from NASA for the construction of ORION spacecraft. Until September 2030, from 6 to 12 such ships will be built. And work, already goes. The ship itself is ready. Of course, he is still improving. But the first unmanned flight into the orbit of the Earth took place. On December 5, 2014, the «Delta IV Heavy» carrier launched a ship into outer space. Successfully completing the test flight, the ship is driven in the waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. The unmanned deployment of the moon is scheduled for the end of 2021 by the superpower of the «SLS» carrier rocket, which is developed for this project.

In addition, there is an active creation of a lunar rover, which will have different goals for use, including the search for ice deposits on the southern pole of the Moon. Well, the main thing is that such riskers will be needed to directly ensure the vital activity of the lunar base. Namely, with the help of it they will receive oxygen and hydrogen both for the base itself and for rocket fuel. Also, there is a development of two befders. One to work on the surface on the moon, and the second is to work on the ship «Orion». The spacecraft designed for the moon is designed to work at extreme temperatures from -157 to +121 degrees Celsius. I will explain that the ship «Orion» will be used only for flights to the lunar orbital station. Even, let’s notify that on April 30, 2020 NASA announced a list of US companies on which the task of developing lunar landing devices is entrusted. In the list of companies: Spacex, Blue Origin and Dynetics. In addition, the European Space Agency has developed a service module for the ORION spacecraft.

In fact, the project is very ambitious and, judging by the advantage of both the official power of the United States and the NASA itself, the program will be fully implemented and the flight of people, after half a century break, still, will actually take place. Let’s hope that the program «Artemis» will not comprehend the fate of the program «Constellation», which the administration of the President of Barack Obama turned on various reasons. But here, there is a threat to the implementation of the Russian program for the development of the Moon. The United States and financing is a huge and ship, which has already flown into space. They have a rocket-carrier in the stage of active development and explicitly will fly on time in November 2021.

And you should not forget that many countries have joined the US Allies. And financing and exchange of experience and technologies inside the program — have become much more likely. The list of countries includes: United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Australia, Kanda, European Space Agency. Canada will build a robotic manipulator «Canadarm3», which will be installed on the lunar orbital station in 2026. In general, work is boiling, and the terms for our country, meanwhile, are pressed. Yes, and China, slowly, participates in this race and seeks like us, entrenched on the moon, separately from the rest of the world. It is difficult to say that it will be able to oppose Russia with all the circulation of cosmic powers as the USA and China. But this time, the West 100% will make this program, because there is every reason to assume that. As mentioned above, NASA received support from the US government and, most importantly, finance, tens of billions of dollars. And the United States will not stop already, as adopted, even many documents for which the norms have already been established, up to the standards of resource production on the moon. This means that the United States approached the final feature and, already in this decade, we will see their stunning triumph on the moon.

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