The Russian aviaprom reached the transport fleet.


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In recent years, the Russian aviaprom has been doing successful steps towards the full restoration of Russia of the status of the world aircraft enterprise. Just not understanding in this business, it can challenge this fact and «again» praise Western countries in this matter, well, or China with Brazil. But the successful breakthrough of Russia will simply ignore. But the essence is not even in this, but in the fact that today we will talk about another promising Russian project with the field of aviation industry.

Many who are familiar with aviation is aware that Russia is already in the final part of the tests of the MS-21 medium-haul passenger aircraft. In addition, Russia has a number of developments in the field of military aviation. Including already implemented, for example, SU-57, which is one of the best, if not the best, among fighters of the fifth generation. All this is good and fine, because Russia will be reliably protected from incidents from outside, and our citizens who work in the aviation sphere will be provided with work. And this means they will be able to feed their families and move scientific progress in the country. And these are not empty words, but quite truthful.

But besides these aviation sectors, Russia decided to start developing a super heavy transport aircraft. At the moment, the A-124 «Ruslan» remains heavy transport aircraft, which was developed back in Soviet years and was produced from the 1980s to the beginning of the 2000s. Recall that the Soviet An-225 «Mriya» is the largest and lifting aircraft in the history of world aviation, created in the framework of the Energia-Buran air transportation system.

Although, the An-124 has been built so much, about 50 pieces, however, the new transport aircraft needs Russia. The reason for this is both the huge size of the country and the needs of the military-cosmic forces of the Russian Federation and civil aviation. In addition, «Ruslans» are not produced more than 15 years, and therefore, to start updating the fleet of transport aircraft in Russia is necessary in the next decade.

It is already known that the United Aircraft Corporation has been working on the latest super heavy transport aircraft. He will come to replace the An-124, which is nevertheless actively used both in Russia and abroad. There is information that the new transporter should carry at least 80 tons of cargo. By the way, «Ruslan» is capable of transporting up to 120 tons of cargo. According to preliminary information, it will establish four promising turbojet engines of PD-35, which is currently under development.

Regarding the characteristics of the promising transport aircraft, it is known that it will have to fly at an altitude of up to 12 km and have a cruising speed of 850 km / h. Naturally, he will be able to take off and sit on the ground and snow airfields, which is the most important characteristic of this aircraft in Russia. The range will be at least 5 thousand km, and since this aircraft will equip the refueling system in the air, it can fly with the cargo much further.

In general, if you repel from the requirements of the Ministry of Defense, the newest Russian transport aircraft will exceed its characteristics of both the US C-17 and the European A-400. But still, he will give up a little to the An-124, which is so scary, since there are the chances of the fact that the An-124 itself can begin to produce anew both as an upgraded version, and to modernize the available park of this aircraft.

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