The new, frontier stage begins in the Russian cosmonautics


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Already that year in a row, the exclamations are heard that everything, Russian cosmonautics is about to «blown away.» What is not new to develop anything new. But, the Americans and the company of Ilona Ilona Mask — it turns out to surpassed the whole Russian space industry. But is it so? Let’s try to figure out.

Clear thing that Space X could not exceed our space sector in no way. Yes, of course, it makes no sense to deny the fact that this company has achieved huge results in terms of designing missiles and the construction of the global space grouping of satellite Internet. Well, also, takes steps to master Mars.

It is clear that in the next 20 years, they will definitely not fly to Mars. Mars is not some kind of neighboring space object to which you can take and fly. This is a hostile person world, a whole system, without proper protection and training — a ticket there will be one way.

In this regard, our Roskosmos is more consistent, which does not protect the launches with a multi-million audience or promises, in a short time to start mastering the red planet. Our space industry simply makes its work and purposefully moving towards the implementation of those tasks that are under the power now using modern technologies.

What is needed in the long run is also not discarded, but on the contrary, it is actively studied in this area, there are also huge successes and developments are already suitable for the test stage or deep refinement. Such developments include the comic manned ship «Eagle», which has almost approached the test stage. This is also included in the development of a nuclear tug, without which, in fact, there are meaningless plans for the pilot flight to Mars.

All the conversations and developments of Americans are meaningless, since the chemical liquid rockets have exhausted their limit and for a long flight to Mars — are not suitable for sure. By the way, the nuclear tug, as is known, at the stage of a particular development and its tests will begin in this decade. Therefore, Russia does not dream and is not in a hurry with flight to Mars. We only prepare the crew to fly to this planet. And that, it is clear that another generation of pilots and scientists will fly. Now only developments in this area are going. And it is right. To begin with, you need to understand what to lead to Mars crew, with the probability of returning home.

This is a long-term perspective. As can be attributed to the ruble stage from today’s developments. Here we will take a planned planner, and with a concrete plan, an extended, study and mastering of the Moon. Without it, our scientists understand that Mars’s mastering is meaningless. Already this year, if nothing changes — the station Luna-25 will fly to the moon. This is the first of the whole series of Russian spacecraft designed to study the moon.

Also, quite recently there was information that in Russia there is a development of a reusable ship subtype of the domestic «burana». And very soon, in a few years, his test will begin. There are assumptions that it can be a revived draft of the Russian spacecraft «Cleper», which can be delivered by the heavy launch vehicle «hangar», testing and refinement of which at the stage of completion, and the rocket itself has already flown twice into space.

Well, at the end, I would like to add that the other day there was information that Russia comes out of the ISS project from 2025 and begins the construction of a national space orbital station, which is completely correct in conditions when Russia gives secondary roles, for example, in the same project Gateway arrogant station. In addition, it was stated that the construction of the first module for this station has already begun and it will be ready for 2025. Here, add the second stage of the construction of the first Russian civilian cosmodrome «East», which is so necessary for our country. So, it is too early to discount Russian space. Russia is a cosmic power, she always remained and remains. This fact is denying senseless.

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