The myth of the technological retardation of Russia does not correspond to reality


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For centuries, the West is trying to spread the myth of Russia that our country is technologically lagging behind the West. And now, so at all, it is believed that Russia is so lagging behind the world, which is behind, even from Asia countries. Also, they say, they say, Russia «struck» the bottom and the reverse path is not. But, I would like to completely debunk this myth, since it is completely, does not correspond to reality. As a time, Russia is now one of the most technologically developed and advanced countries of the world. So much that some industries and innovations of modern technologies — you will not meet in advanced Japan, nor even who have already become holy and unshakable in the eyes of «all-alphabetrs», the United States of America. Yes, yes, you did not hear, all that is.

Nowadays, simple ordinary people used to measure their phone in pocket or depth and height of their refrigerator. Yes, that is right. Remember, was such a twenty years ago? There was no ends with the ends and could not even think that in Russia in two decades there would be at least some life. But Russia resisted moreover, it broke forward in many industries. It is neither the industry that you are used to measure, as I said, my «smartfile.» What I mean, but I mean, by the end of the board B.N. Yeltsin Most Russian enterprises either went bankrupt or were on the verge of bankruptcy. But now, the generation of «ungrateful» Russians have grown up, the state revived, rose most of the industries from the knees, which, as a result, broke out forward. Of course, most productions were combined into public corporations, but in this way, they are easier to manage, at a minimum.

In general, will continue. Modern Russia has retained production, but also brought them to the global level. And I will say again, you don’t need to mention my Chinese smartphone in this case. The fact is that the same China was used by Western investors as the market of cheap labor, as well as counterweight to the Soviet Union in Eurasia. That’s all. Here you have all the Chinese «miracle.» In essence, the new era of Western colonialism in China’s history, now only the economic and financial and financial, from which they want to get rid of Russia.

In addition, Russia which year occupies the leading places for the production of wagons and locomotives. Doesn’t it surprise? Indicators are better than in the time of the USSR, even. Like this. And this is evidence that rail transport in Russia is fully upgraded, and the renewal of the transport structure is always not with simple, but because the economy is going. Also, in Russia there is a recreation from scratch of the electronic technology industry. Yes, so far ahead of the United States and China. But they are ahead, it is in the field of commercial and electronics.

And Russia made an emphasis, so far to those areas that, for beginnings, will provide her electronic technical independence in the public sector. Based on this, of course, there will be a gradual conquest of the Russian equipment of the Russian market, and then entering foreign markets. In addition, people almost cry, saying that China is distinguished by all countries in the volume of household appliances and computer components. But you understand that China is a workshop of the world and it supplies the whole world, as well as its giant domestic market with this product, which American and European TNCs are produced in this country. That’s the whole secret. And Russia does, as if everything is right. First for myself, then it will go to the conquest of an extensive global market.

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