The main sensation of MAKS-2021 was the Su-75 «Checkmate» fighter


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The International Aviation and Space Salon (Max) annually pleases with the newsmen of aviation in this very interesting sphere. This year no less than new products were shown, including MS-21-310 with Russian PD-14 engines. But the very highlight and sensation of MAKS-2021 was the newest Russian fighter fifth generation, which was called the SU-75 «Checkmate». Created a fighter in OKB named after P.O. Dry.

Su-75 is the fifth generation fighter and is created both for Russian CCS, and for exports abroad, mainly to the countries of Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. It became clear on a video that he showed a few days before the MAKS-2021. The aircraft was designed for one year, which is a record. The first flight of the Su-75 «Checkmate» prototype is scheduled for 2023. The aircraft itself is essentially an alternative to severe Su-57.

Yes, and the price of the aircraft is obtained almost 2 times lower than that of the American F-35 Lightning II — about $ 30 million. In general, the production of the aircraft is scheduled for 2026 in the case of orders for this fighter. The special advantage of the fighter is that the package of this aircraft will determine the customer itself. Thanks to this, there are assumptions that the plane will be able to receive many orders. By the way, it is known that there is already the first customer.

Unlike Su-57, the new fighter will be equipped with one engine, will be able to develop a speed of 1.9 thousand km / h. Its range will be 3 thousand kilometers. Yes, and it will be equipped with a string. And this is more than 7 tons of payload. Of course, we are talking about different types of weapons, including five air-air missiles, which will be interested in potential customers. But the most intriguing moment is that he can transport on board the CAPP.

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