The launch of the heavy rocket «Angara-A5» was committed.


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Recently, the topic has become a caring the topic in the Internet, where they are mainly trying to subside the role of Russia and our Space Agency «Roskosmos» in the development of outer space. But especially, laugh at the creation of a heavy missile «Angara-A5» and over the family of the Angara missiles themselves. Constantly, they write that the project is failing, and the gigantic amounts allocated by the state are simply shaken by officials. They are as an example of the same Spacex, which needs to be understood that it receives tremendous funds from American state structures. Also, as an example of Chinese successfully implemented projects.

Of course, some proportion of truth is there. But our opponents or, envious and mockerels — directly declare that Russian space is buried, which is no more, and modern Russia — flies in Soviet developments. Well, agreed that it is partly so that we are truly flying on Soviet developments, since the 1960s. This can be attributed to both the missiles of the «Proton» family, «Union» and the Soyuz Spacecraft. But really, is it so bad really? Just our opponents cannot understand that they are very high quality. Even after dozens of years — all these developments faithfully serve Russia in the development of space and not to them — opponents and those who laugh, to judge what is better, and what is not.

It is also notice that the Russian space is not standing in place, he is seven-year steps to ensure that our country looks with adequately against the background of other countries mastering space. Yes, Americans and Chinese, perhaps, all programs are demonstrated by the whole world, but our in the meantime, they are unnoticed to the outlined. This is our essence, this is the essence of our country and the people — modesty, that’s what I say. Not inherent to us to build a show, the most important thing to go to the goal. And so, we already see that the funds embedded in space projects have become justified, although not immediately, but nevertheless. What exactly, I mean. And about the fact that today is December 14th — we saw the opposite. We saw that Russia goes forward in the development of space. With a cosmodrome, Plesetsk successfully launched a heavy rocket «Angara-A5». What can it mean for our country? What can this mean to the development of outer space by Russia?

This means a lot. Yes, tomorrow our opponents and envious — will begin to drive that Russia again invested the People’s Ruble either there that everything is meaningless. Again, the example of successful projects of the United States, China, and anyone, just to remake our country, show it from a bad side. But is it worth listening to them? The answer is unequivocal: no, you do not need to listen. It should be understood that this is all right against us, against our public opinion within the country and to reduce the prestige of Russia on the world arena.

And now, let’s go to the main question:

In addition, next year, together with the launch of another «ANGARA-A5», a new acceleration block «Perseus» will be tested. This is another our victory. All this means one thing that Russia cannot take without a serious rocket and how the same United States learn the same moon or Mars. And also, Russia has serious plans for the study of Venus. All this is impossible without her own heavy rocket. It is forssoning, what a normal and adequate country will invest in those projects that cannot be implemented yet what it might tear off the Creation from Earth, which should go for the study of distant worlds. Therefore, the Eagle ship is created for a decade. But this is normal, because the developers will have enough time to create a really reliable apparatus, and the rocket is just ready and tested. Everything goes according to plan.

We conclude that the country does everything right. Everything is done consistently and on time. Russia is such a country that she should have everything. It is so destined. The most important thing to believe and work to achieve your goals. And if, everyone will not believe their state and downgrade it, what will happen next.

It should be understood that we all live in the era of great change and changes in our country that lead it to the better. But it should also be understood that being a contemporary of this time when transformations occur — it is hard to understand the whole process. But it is precisely clear and it is clear that all this will be assessed in the future and everything will be fine and right. Time will show. But I know for sure that Russia is on the right track in all spheres of its activities.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.

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