The British Empire exists until now and has not disappeared anywhere


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Throughout the world history there was a huge number of empires. Some of them ceased to exist, some exist so far, although they have changed. These countries can be attributed to, say, Russia, China or the same United States. Actually, in the territory of the European continent, the last few years a few world empires got along. These were mainly colonial empires that had overseas territories depending on them or continental empires.

We will talk about the British Empire today, which existed the last few centuries. It was the most powerful power. Of course, it was inferior to the economically united states and our country, then by the Soviet Union. But nevertheless, the effect was one of the most huge in the world. I will say that in due time, the United States was the colonies of Great Britain and represented 13 colonies that announced independence. That is, we can imagine how much the influence of Great Britain and English monarchs over the past 300 years at least. Again, there were historical circumstances.

Britain defeating Spain in the 16th century — began to rise to Olympus the grandeur in the world. It also helped that Britain has an island location. It saved her from direct military confrontation with other European powers. And the presence of the largest military fleet was the guarantee of the power of Great Britain and the reliable protection of the islands from the invasion from the outside. In addition, a powerful military coupled with a merchant fleet — gave this country and power on the sea routes from the colonies. All that would be nothing, but someday the power ends and the pedestal of leadership needs to be divided into other countries.

Such a country that wanted world leadership was Germany. She decided in the 20th century on a direct military confrontation against the UK in the two world wars. Both of these wars, Germany lost, but achieved its goal — the UK ceased to be a global power, and its global empire was broken. But is it really? Is it really that the British Empire broke up completely? In fact, yes, the British Empire is not. She confused most of their colonies. In particular, it is possible to include 13 colonies, who moved back in the second half of the 18th century and the India that the UK methodically captured in the 17-19 century and installed direct control there.

Because of the war with Germany, to enlist the support of India — the British government had to agree to the provision of India independence after the end of the war with Germany. But, under the rule of the English crown, there were dominions, such as the South African Union, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There were also colonies in Southeast Asia, as Malaya and Hong Kong. Colonies, such as Rhodesia, Nigeria, UAS, Malaya — moved away from Britain and became independent states. Hong Kong — returned to China. But nevertheless, the British Empire broke down not to the end and there is a certain one.

We are talking about the Commonwealth of Nations. The head of this association is an English monarch. Now the monarch of Great Britain is Elizabeth II. In addition, in the 16 states of the Commonwealth, it is legally the head of state. The largest of these are countries such as Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. At first glance it seems that this is just a symbolic title that does not carry any meaning. But it is not. The fact is that the British monarch has a number of very important powers and opportunities. She is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Britain itself and those countries in which it is the head of state. That is, the army of the same Canada or Australia — they obey her personally, and therefore the UK.

She appoints general governors to these countries, where is the head of state and they represent, for example, in the same Canada, the power of the British monarch and its interests. In addition, the British monarch can dissolve the parliament with the support of the House of Commons on 2/3. And in general, she can prescribe a prime minister or reject the proposed candidacy. Non-so power, it turned out. The British Monarch meets weekly with the prime minister and receives its information that interests it. The necessary information in daily mode enters it from the Secret Council. It is clear that she does not have enough power. Much, in principle, hidden from most people.

You can come to a very interesting conclusion. And to the fact that the United Kingdom did not go to the shadow. This is still a powerful colonial empire, which is subject to countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Yes, countries formally achieved the right to change the constitution to bypass the British Parliament, but this did not give them independence as such. After all, military and political dependence suggests that there is no independence in principle. In addition, the United Kingdom has its own strong currency — pounds sterling and many levers of influence in the world, both financially in the form of offshore and in the military, being a really independent US allies on NATO.

Even while in the European Union, British politicians did not introduce a single European currency — the euro, and then, in principle, the UK was out of this education, the UK had no benefit, especially in the EU «refills» the old opponent of Great Britain Germany.

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