The best helicopter in the world, from the production of which will not be refused in principle


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Soviet Union — rightfully can be called the zenit of our statehood. And this is not only that the socialist construction gave, almost everything, the whole generations, but also that it was the victory of our country in science, technology, military sphere, space. Yes, in everything, practically. Indeed, the Soviet Union could create everything in terms of technical means and transport. Especially, simply simply and the military sphere. By the way, developing, developing and achieving the Soviet period is used and understood. There is nothing shameful in this.

Russia, the country is the successor to the USSR and on the use of developments and the achievements of the USSR — we have full right. Therefore, when you hear the praise of the Ukrainian side, that the creation of An-225 «Mriya» is their pride and achievement, do not believe it. This is the utmost one. Modern Ukraine has nothing to do with Soviet Ukraine. Whether Russia, which, compared to the incomplete, decamsmunization, did not spend from its history and ancestors — did not refuse. After all, it is so, you will agree. Well, isn’t it like that?

Well, on the topic, in general. From the Soviet Union of modern Russia got the largest and lifting helicopter in the world. And yes, let’s notify that no one to refuse from him is going to and its production continues. Naturally, who will turn the production of the helicopter, which is the largest transport helicopter in the world. In addition, it is produced serially, has many modifications and is a multipurpose heavy helicopter. It is used both in the military sphere and in civilian. In the civilian sphere, this helicopter has become indispensable, including in commercial directions. As you already understood, it is the Soviet military transport helicopter Mi-26.

The helicopter itself can accommodate a number of soldiers to 70 people. It can carry loads up to 20 tons in the cargo compartment, and under them, on the outer suspension, due to the enhanced frame and the floor — another 20 tons. Such loads include military and civilian equipment, people and other all sorts of cargoes. The maximum take-off weight of the helicopter is 56 tons. The helicopter itself weighs 28 tons. The length of the helicopter comes to 40 meters. Width — 3.2 meters. The fuselage itself is 33.7 meters long. Blades 8 pieces, and the diameter of the carrier screw is 32 meters. In general, metal-plastic blades began to install on modern helicopters. This reduces the weight of the helicopter itself. The diameter of the steering screw on the tail is 7.6 m. Well, the height of the machine is 8.145 m.

The helicopter can develop a cruising rate of 265 km / h, and the maximum — 295 km / h. Mi-26 can work at a height of 1800 m to 6500 m. Mi-26 engines are represented by two two gas turbine turbo engines D-136. Their capacity is 11 thousand horsepower each. There is also the power plant TA-88. The engines themselves are securely installed in the Motogonalls in the front top. Naturally, the Motogondalls are separated from each other by a partition, which is made of titanium and is also fire protection. After the breaking of the relations of Ukraine with us, it was decided to replace the Ukrainian engines to Russian counterparts. Russia has not lost anything, and Ukraine — remained without orders, Europe, the same engines from the «Motor Sich» and for nothing needed. Praise the Ukrainian authorities for their rapid decision.

The Mi-26 helicopter began to enter the troops and in the civil sector since 1984. I managed to participate in all sorts of rescue operations, including when eliminating the accident at the Chernobyl NPP. And of course, in military conflicts, a lot of sides were lost. But still, this helicopter remains reliable and indispensable, including in the transport arteries of Russia, especially in the north. The fact that they did not refuse him, but on the contrary, release and modernize — the right decision. The time will come and the replacement of Mi-26 will come a newer, modern helicopter, which will continue this concept of helicopters. In no case, such a huge country can not be abandoned from this class of coilry machines.

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