The arguments about the collapse of Russian cosmonautics were «empty» words.


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Previously, we wrote that on July 21, Russia successfully launched a MLM «Science» in the near-emblem orbit. The launch and output of the new module passed the staff and no incidents. Due to some small delay from the international station, the Pierce module, which «faithfully» worked in orbit for 20 years was unfolded. The uncovery and flooding of this module made it possible to free the docking knot, where the new Module «Science» was downtown.

Further launch into operation «Science» will give domestic cosmonautics and science a large jump, as there are a large number of experiments that are important for science. More specifically, over the past 10 years, Russia could not complete his MSK segment. Thanks to the successful launch and docking of the new Russian module — the construction of the segment is moving towards one more step forward.

Of course there was a lot of not very pleasant information after the launch of the Proton-M rocket with MLM Science. Almost immediately after starting, all sorts of malfunctions with a module began to appear. The data came different from different sources. But on the Roskosmos website there was no particular good information. Therefore, it did not make sense to panic in advance. Moreover, everything went well.

Someone will say that the launch of the new module is strongly propiarient, and in him it does not make sense, since he is more than 20 years old. But they will be wrong. Since there are double standards here. As soon as the Russian cosmonautics makes even a small step, then we are Hayat, scolding and in advance, accused of an unsuccessful mission. Although, literally, yesterday was postponed the launch of the company of the company Boeing «Starliner» and we do not observe any specialists to their address. Even here the guilty put Russia and the «Science» module. If the launch was postponed in Roscosmos, they said that: «Everything, Russian Space begged.» Knowing and understanding people will understand what it is about.

Now, a few words about the new module. The module began to build back in the distant 1995 as a ground dummer of the «Zarya» module. The launch of «science» was postponed several times for various reasons. Now the new module will give a lot of Russian astronauts. It has a cabin for the third crew member, which is not unavailable. After all, one members of the Russian crew of the ISS had to spend the night in the American segment. In addition, it has a bathroom. This is the second bathroom in the Russian segment, since there is the first — in the «Star» module.

All this can only speak about one thing. It is that a new page opens in the history of Russian cosmonautics. Russia has proven that she was and remains a cosmic power, whatever the success of Chinese or other countries did not succeed. It doesn’t matter to us. We have our own cosmonautics — Russian. We wish Russia further success, especially in the lunar program, which, according to preliminary data, starts this fall.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.