Than the US decrease and why it is bad for the planet


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Before starting to reason on the topic given in the title, I would like to say that the 20th century passed under the banner of the two countries, no matter how loudly sounded. These countries are Russia and the United States of America. This can not be attributed to the same Germany, China or Japan. Not to attribute here and the United Kingdom, which, on the contrary, in the 20th century, the process of complete weakening was held, lost its colonial empire. As a result of World War II, «Misty Albion», and at all, became the faithful US satellite. Although, the UK Washington gives at least some relaxation, for example, the visibility of the same independent foreign policy and financial policy, however, the United States in the literal sense, control its former metropolis.

Germany and Japan are not in this list, since these countries trying to take control of the planet by military methods — were completely crushed. Yes, Japan and Germany, then showed a «miracle» of economic development, but it did not give them world domination. China, only now goes back to the Olympus of world domination. But China’s leadership, more than the mood and fully-dependent Western, an example with Huawei fully showed it. And it is worth a collateral West to impose China’s sanctions that are superimposed on Russia now — he blows away as an air ball, or, just take and burst, if not rebuilds the domestic market. So, with the United States, it is clear, the 20th century accurately passed under their banner. The cultural, financial and economic sphere, also impregnated with all Western. And just do not say that it is not.

Separately I will say about Russia. Oddly enough, but the 20th century passed and under the banner of Russia. Yes, Russia in the 20th century survived several revolutions and changed two political systems: monarchical and Bolshevik. Nevertheless, if you think about it, then the revolution in Russia in 1917 has changed the world so much that it is still not realized by generations. Not only did the Bolshevik party created the world’s first state based on justice and equality, according to the result, the Soviet people became a pioneer in many industries, especially in the space sphere. If there were not our country, world progress would go different ways, it would not be that it would be the best world. Of course, the Soviet leadership had mistakes and misses. It may be one of the reasons for the degradation of her elite and betrayal in 1991. But life goes on and Russia develops. Of course, Russia is the balance sheet and the link in our planet, which guarantees the world and a special counterweight to such forces in the world who would like to enslave and subordinate to their will. But these are only guesses.

So, under the control of our country after the Second World War, in fact, half of the planet passed when the Soviet Union built his own military-political unit in Eastern Europe and subjugated some countries of Asia and Africa. In general, it is clear that the United States influenced the world of the entire 20th century and already 20 years of 21 centuries, so that they symbolize in the eyes of the residents of the Earth as a sample of a stable state and democracy (although it may not be so). Russia became the locomotive of world progress after the 1917 revolution, and today it became a counterweight and uniting the center against the West Dictate represented by the United States. China can not become. Since this is a capitalist state that is completely dependent on the West. Relations with Russia, the West Rvet himself and therefore the levers of influence on it are lost. Hence the entire information war on Russia.

And yet, let’s imagine on the moment that the state of the United States of America disintegrates, and the states who are broken from the former USA are weakened. The general system of police, army and financial system collapses. In general, it is clear that in the North American continent, nothing good will definitely happen and there are very many thoughts. What will this mean for the planet in general? «Upperitriot» will begin to rejoice, but there is nothing good here. And that’s why. The planet will occur a systemic crisis. The overall security system on the planet collapses. Simply, the world’s effect will begin in the world, especially China will include in this struggle and here, he will take his obligations and promises, since Russia and China will disappear the common enemy. The European Union will not be able to speak in such an enemy. He is very weak in a war. That is, the world will smell «fried.»

No matter how it sounded, but that’s why. After all, if the sake of fairness, but the US Navy controls all the waters of the World Ocean, except for the Arctic Ocean, except that. The disintegration of this system may entail relax safety on maritime trails, as the flourishing of modern piracy on the seas and oceans can begin. In addition, China will be released in economically. Of course, he will suffer from the collapse of the United States, but nevertheless, he will be enough economic power to speak equal to Europe and Russia. Although, most likely, China will simply stop talking with us and speak the diplomatic language with the whole world and will switch to the tough economic expansion, especially in Central Asia, which will come to our interests there, and therefore friendship will end with them, as fast , as started.

In addition, the US collapse will cause European countries to start competition between them. Russia as an enemy will disappear from their field, as this is, first of all, in the interests of the United States. And here and the internal disagreements within the EU will begin to be charged. After all, the «owner» will not be due to the ocean. So the United Kingdom, will again begin their interests to promote in Europe, only weaken Germany and France. It is very difficult to say what will happen in the Arab world in the Middle East and in North Africa. The US collapse may begin integration movements within the Arab world, which means that the new state education of the Arabs may appear in the abdominal «old europe», which cannot be disturbed by Russia.

Maybe the collapse of the United States will give Russia advantages and the possibility of closer integration within the CIS due to concerns that the PRC can capture economic markets there. Although it happens now. In general, the conclusion is that whatever the United States, but the disintegration of this country is not beneficial to anyone. No matter how this state was, the most important thing, our country — Russia to conduct a tough policy of national interests and strengthen their safety, both within the country and on its turns and then, not one enemy will not pass. Americans and the whole Western world are predictable and understand what they are cunning and pragmatic.

Therefore, it is better to deal with Americans who will never attack Russia while our country is strong and has tools for protection. Moreover, the United States is far behind the ocean. And the presence of a weapon, which can destroy them without a military invasion of the American continent — is delivered by military arms of American hawks. Therefore, further diplomacy, the wars in someone else’s territory and spy games they do not go, even during the «cold war». China, for us as an incomprehensible external player, how to do with it, and how will it come with tomorrow in the case of the collapse of the United States of America. And yes, it is impossible, in no case, forget that China has a very extended overall border with us. And also, claims to sphere of Russian interests in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. And this means that as a result of the US collapse — China does not oppose the use of military strength in solving issues, even with Russia.

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