Such similar, but the other: the project of the Russian TTC «Elephant» — surpassed the legendary An-124 «Ruslan» himself


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From the mid-1980s. Niche in the sphere of heavy transport aviation confidently holds An-124 Ruslan. This is really the best transporter in the world. Its characteristics are so ideal, and loading capacity is not lifting for other plane in this niche. It would seem that the aircraft with a carrying capacity of up to 120 tons can be operated for a long time. But no. An-124 aircraft are designed and built for a long time, for more than 25-30 years they are furiously, and this means that the time will come and they will have to write off, as their resource will end.

And here, on the replacement of An-124 «Ruslan», the newest Russian heavy transport aircraft «Elephant» is being developed in full swing. If you visually look at it, it is not particularly different from Ruslan. But still, technically, this car is more perfect. In addition, it is necessary to understand that the «elephant» is not an upgraded copy of «Ruslan», but a new car. The project of the aircraft was first shown at the MAKS-2017 air show. TsAGI (Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute N.E. Zhukovsky) works on the project of the aircraft.

Already known some, the most important characteristics of the aircraft. For example, the cruising speed of the elephant will be 850 km / h, and the range is about 8 thousand km at maximum load in 150-180 tons. That is, we understand that the plane will surpass on the carrying capacity and the range of the flight itself An-124 «Ruslan». And this is a very serious application for the championship, especially since the plane is so the leader, if it is still created in reality. Externally and in general on the layout, the plane will resemble Ruslan. It will have one keel on the tail plumage and elongated wings. Wing scope will be 87-88 m, and the wings themselves will have folding endals for the convenience of parking and loading-unloading of goods.

Under the highly proclaimed wings of «elephant», four Russian turbojet engines PD-35 will be installed on the pilons. These engines are promising and are at the stage of deep development. Impressive and aircraft chassis. On each side on two sides will be installed on the 7 chassis supports, total 14 supports. Two controlled supports will be installed in the nose. In general, reminds the chassis of the old Good An-124 «Ruslan». The entire length of the fuselage will take the cargo compartment. Remind it will be the compartment of the An-124 «Ruslan». We will be like an A-124 nose and tail loading ramps. The nose will be folded up. It will be possible to install an additional deck in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.

The range of Elephant Flight without fuel and at maximum loading fuel will be 18 thousand km. With a load of up to 180 tons, the range will be about 5 thousand km, and with loading up to 150 tons — about 8 thousand km. In any case, a huge plus of this promising heavy transport aircraft is that it will require GDP for takeoff and landing, not more than 3 km long. Naturally, the airplane will host the latest avionics on all international standards and a friendly modern comfortable cabin of pilots and cabins of the crew and staff.

It would seem that this is again words, but in fact, the state is interested in replacing the obsoletic an-124 «Ruslan». Yes, and the creation of a promising TTC «Elephant» does not stand still. For example, it is officially known that by the middle of 2020, the first cycle of aerodynamic tests of a large-scale model of this aircraft was completed in TsAGA. This is a positive news, which means that the replacement of An-124 «Ruslan» is not utopia, but an immediate perspective.

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