StarShip ship risks to fall into the dump of history because of its unnecessaryness


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Recent years, the world applies to Ilona Mask and his company Spacex. Ilona Mask is considered almost a genius. Although perhaps it is. Of course, all the attention was riveted to his StarShip ship. People are so dumbfounded by his creation and think that this ship will truly become the first ship on Mars. But you can safely state the fact that this ship is the first on Mars with a high probability will not. The fact is that the project itself through Chur ambitious and does not take into account some fundamental things and principles. For example, time is coming, and the ship’s project has not crossed the bar and half of what is scheduled. Still testing engines «Raptor» and other vehicle systems. No, no one here is gloating and, of course, I would like everything to do with Ilona Mask.

But the fact is that very soon people will fly to the moon. And it will not ships from Spacex. Also, with Moon, it is clear, it is near and flying there with rockets with liquid rocket engines — it is not difficult. Yes, and the supplies with water and oxygen on the moon are not particularly difficult to deliver if everything goes well. But Mars, he is far and the shortest distance between the land and Mars or as it is also called, rapprochement — happens every two years. Not very good news for the conquerors of Mars, who agree to fly on Starship. And this is taking into account the fact that Ilon Mask himself said already that in his company still thought how they would support the lives of astronauts on StarShip ships during the flight: here include the question from where to take oxygen, water, food. In addition, they did not decide where to give waste. They also did not think about how astronauts will survive after landing on the red planet and create a colony. With the colony, more or less clearly, she is told, arrive and sit down on Mars — in advance, and StarShip will sit next to her. In Ilona Mask, the Mask said that they would develop or hope for some «regenerative systems». Here so, in general, the debris.

In general, you can safely understand the fact that while Spacex is developing your ship for the Moon and Mars, it will just endure. The fact is that other types of rocket engines can be invented, with the help of which the ships will get to Mars not for half a year, which is very long. And for more, short time, let’s say for a month. And in this case, it will not even be necessary to wait for the notorious «windows», since without the «window», the ships will be able to get to Mars for three to four months. So think: «Do Ilon Mask thinks there and is he hesitated?»? It can better work in the development of other engines that will work according to other principles. After all, as I said, enough for the moon and liquid rocket engines. But Mars simply for us will not remain unattainable for us, if not revised the concept of the engine.

And here, Russia comes to the fore. You did not hear. It was in Russia that it was understood that if you fly to Mars with a manned mission, then a rocket engine is needed. which works on another principle. But, that is sad, here immediately, include the Russophobic rhetoric, saying one person named Ilon Mask — surrounded the entire state corporation «Roskosmos». But is it so? Shows time. And with the Moon of Americans, immediately after changing the political forces — suddenly the timelines for the program «Artemis» were shifted. The SLS missile no longer justified hopes and now flight to the moon, according to the same information, will carry out the Falcon Heavy carrier launch vehicle from Spacex. In general, we will seem to see, maybe in general, the Russians first come to the moon, which cannot please. After all, it is always like this: «I was not waiting, laughed and here Russia will take and surprise.»

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