Spacex introduced a new cargo ship for the orbital lunar station


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Nobody secret and many know that the struggle in the world begins for the development of the Moon between leading countries of the world. Ahead, at the moment, are the United States of America. Someone can say that: «What is the matter to the moon, on earth would solve the problem.» Perhaps he will be right, but not a fact. Scientific progress has always moved our society forward and stop today halfway to the moon — it is already meaningless. In principle, in a scientific point of view, there is no difference, which country will begin the active development and study of the moon. From military-political — yes, for Russia it will be bad, but with scientific — here the question is not to us. But the fact remains a fact — the US is closer to the realization of the plan.

One of the ambitious plans is the creation of the orbital lunar station «Gateway», which is included in the US Space Program to send people to the moon. We will see if they may have everything. In any case, for humanity is a huge plus. I have previously written about the Gateway station. Now it’s time to write about how the ship is planned to support the supply of this station. Such a ship was submitted from Spacex and got it the name of Dragon XL. In principle, he is from the same family as the same Dragon trucks that fly to the ISS. But this ship is much larger in size and looks such, even against the background of the orbital lunar station itself. The ship will be able to carry 5 tons of payload, but for this you will need a Falcon Heavy rocket.

Dragon XL cargo ship is divided into 4 sections:

The docking node, which is made according to the international IDA standard, which is on the ISS. Transition service module. The orientation engines are fixed on this module, as well as fasteners for Canadarm manipulators. Thanks to this, the manipulator will be able to capture the ship for docking it with the station. Cargo compartment. He himself, directly, the cargo compartment is made of the second stage of the Falcon 9 missile. Also, it can be performed from the Falcon Heavy medulla rocket. The diameter of the new truck housing will be 3.8 meters. The energy module will consist of two solar panels that ship batteries will feed. Batteries will be secured on the rear end of the cargo compartment.

In principle, the cargo ship itself from Spacex will be cheap. But it is understandable. Why create an expensive ship at the initial stage of assembly and existence of the orbital lunar station. To begin with, it is necessary in principle to test and understand the best ways to deliver cargoes to an incense orbit. But there are also the cons of the ship. It is not clear how to reduce it from the orbits of the moon. Returning it back to the ground. It is meaningless, but to litter the moon who spent its resource with cargo ships Dragon XL — sounds somehow wildly, because for the supply station Gateway is required not one ship.

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