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Most recently it became known that Russia refused to participate in the creation of the International Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway station. Recall that back in September 2017, Roscosmos and NASA signed an agreement in which the conditions for cooperation in the creation of an international arrogant station were pronounced. Russia was entrusted to the task of building a sluice module for this arrogant station. But the fact is that Russia in this project was not an equal partner of the United States. Equality was that, when creating the station, Russian technological standards were used, including. That is, the same scheme that was used when creating an ISS.

Director General of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin, as a result, said it is advised that Russia is unacceptable to participate in secondary roles in other people’s projects. But this did not like NASA, because they concretely insisted that the project should be American leadership, including technological. But, Japan and European Space Agency are already involved in the project. All these movements led to the fact that Roscosmos simply took and refused to cooperate with NASA in this matter. As a result, it was decided that Russia will sign an intergovernmental memorandum with the PRC. This Memorandum aims to cooperate between the two countries on the creation of an international scientific lunar station. Of course, it is not yet known whether this is an arrogant station or a station on the surface of the moon. And this is despite the fact that China has a plan for creating a station in the South Pole area.

As a result, we will live and see. If we build an orbital olong station with China, it will have to be accurate for sure, since such a station in the moon orbit should be as a transit point when creating the same surface station on the moon and when it is already operational. Nevertheless, in this regard, the Chinese are more conspirable, and the presence of a hypothetical union with China will allow us to build an international orbital station in the orbit of the Moon, where both Russian and Chinese astronauts and astronauts of other allied countries, which in the future, are definitely will become more with increasing the meaningless pressure of the West on the countries of the world.

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