Russian aviaprom is surprising again.


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There is no doubt that the Russian aviaprom begins to return world leadership positions. And if we talk about the military airflow, then Russia did not leave the pedestal at all and for many decades the world bar at the leader level holds. One of the components of the aircraft is the correct show of his child. An international aircraft and space salon (Max) in Zhukovsky near Moscow is a platform.

So, the main sensation, which is expected from MAKS-2021, is quite a newly announced new Russian military aircraft. It is clear that this aircraft will be the 5th generation. It is known that the aircraft is developed by the United Aircraft Corporation. Despite the roller represented by the «Rosteh», nothing is clear about the aircraft itself. Neither its concrete appointment, nor tactical and technical characteristics. This is the right marketing stroke when the data remains secret to the most official presentation of the machine.

It does not have to guess, it remains only to wait for the show and then do certain conclusions. The photos of the newest Russian aircraft showed by a similar black material say very little. It can be seen that the aircraft is one-moving. But exemplary outlines of the keel with their small collapse relative to the vertical plane are larger and the location of the air intakes is guessing the SU-57 silhouette in the plane.

But it is not necessary to hurry with hasty conclusions, as it is known that the new light fighter is being developed in Russia. It can be engaged in both the «OKB dry» and in JSC «RSK» MIG «. Previously, there was already information that» MiG «develops its light front-line aircraft, which truth must be built on a two-way scheme. But no one canceled. What could and reconsider the concept with two engines and set one on it, as it has a category of light aircraft.

But it is also known about the new development of the «OKB Dry», namely, the first Russian light one-moving fighter. It is possible that the car, which fell into the field of view cameras and is one of these cars. Although, it is believed that in fact, it may simply be a lightweight single-appliance version of the Russian 5th-generation SU-57 fighter designed to export to other countries.

Wait and see. It remains quite a bit. For aviation lovers and those who look forward to this novelty: We advise you to see the presentation of the newest aircraft on the official

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