Russian aviaprom goes to a new level: MS-21 is better than their competitors


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No one secret that the world aviation market holds only two companies: American Boeing and European Airbus. If we talk about countries, then full-fledged aircraft can produce the United States of America and Russia. Airbus is not counting, as this is a combined European company. It so happened that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world aviation park, almost the Americans and Europeans fully occupied. Of course, smaller aircraft can produce Germany and Canada, but their contribution is a drop in the sea.

So the last 30 years continued, as long as Russia has not been a formed pace to restore its own aviation industry. Of course, SSJ-100 came out with some unpleasant moments, but he, however, adequately holds on the Russian market and he has the future for a confident access to international lines. In this, Russia did not stop, the light saw the new Russian narrow-body medium-sighted MC-21 aircraft. The aircraft itself is revolutionized in what Russia gives a confident trump card in the market.

Sanctions are sanction, but in any case, our MS-21 will receive their client in the European and American markets. Many will say that this aircraft does not have a future and will not be right. The aircraft successfully passed the tests both on American engines and on new Russian. In connection with the sanctions, MS-21 received Russian avionics and composite wing. In addition, our plane has several advantages over their competitors in its segment. Competitors here are the Boeing-737 Max and Airbus A320 Neo. Naturally, the first advantage is that the plane itself is the new, as well as its development, compared to those above the above-mentioned aircraft of competitors.

An important advantage of MS-21 is that it has a wider fuselage and therefore its capacity is much higher than that of competitors. The capacity of our aircraft is 212 passengers in the MS-21-300 version. The same Airbus A320 Neo accommodates 180 passengers, and the Boeing-737 Max is 189 passengers. For other characteristics, aircraft are similar to each other. But, our aircraft is higher than fuel economy, as well as cargo capacity. And by the way, the plane itself will be cheaper than Western competitors. But still, minus is that the range of our MS-21 is slightly less than that of the same Airbus, which in principle does not change a positive attitude towards him.

I would like to say a little about the Chinese analogue of our aircraft — COMAC C919. His prospects in the international market are foggy. Is it hardly the West will quickly miss this plane to your lines and will miss in principle? Yes, our MS-21 they will skip 100%. And the matter, even in sanctions or bad relationships. No, it’s just that the Russian aviation industry has many-many years of experience in various segments of the engine, both in the military direction and in civilian. All this is confirmed by successful creation, testing in the workshops and on the aircraft itself of the MS-21 of the newest Russian PD-14 engine. But in China, there is no such experience in principle. At the expense of Russia and they live. Therefore, the West may simply be afraid to put the plane with no less dangerous Chinese engines.

In conclusion, I would like to say that our MS-21 aircraft will pay for itself with interest. The state does everything correctly by spending huge funds on it. It is better to spend on our own development, job creation and improved infrastructure within Russia itself than to buy overseas counterparts. Already today there is a complete reconstruction of the Aviation Plant in Irkutsk for the assembly of MS-21. The time will come and in the sky over Russia will take off our MS-21, which will be the lion’s share of transportation within the country. And you, again, going to another vacation in Europe or the sea in the South — fly on our new MS-21. The main thing is to correctly build a system for servicing our aircraft in different parts of the world.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.